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The 10 game assessment of Steve Bruce brought forward two matches with the writing on the wall

Well folks, we are two games away from Newcastle United playing 10 matches this season.

Normally I would have waited to collect my thoughts but logic dictates that after Sunday’s catastrophic showing, comment is needed.

As I said, give Steve Bruce 10 games then let’s see where we are…

Well, we are undoubtedly in the footballing doodoo, five points from seven games and a cup exit indicates that when we reach 10 games I would be astounded if we are in any kind of better position, or indeed have added any points – Man Utd and Chelsea the next two games.

This form (results and especially performances) is shocking, however, it is perfectly in line with our manager’s past performance stats…

Even worse though is just how bad Steve Bruce is making individual players look. Are they really that bad, or just disillusioned with the Head Coach?

When you add possession stats of only 31% per game on average, you can see the problems set out in all their raw forms .

So what happens next?

Let’s start with the manager (Head Coach), said to be a very nice guy but sadly looks to be completely out of his depth – taxi for Steve Bruce.

However, Mike Ashley has given him his vote of confidence so we are stuck for at least another five to ten games of the same trash, as well as unfortunately having to listen to the same blah blah footballing excuses.

Watching each of the eight games to date we generally have either no workable playing formations, or players who have not a clue what they are doing once they step over the white line – unbelievable.

As for the players …

Captain Lascelles needs a satnav system to tell where he is on the pitch and even more importantly, where the opposition are…He leaves a lot to be desired as captain.

Setting aside Schar and Dummet who have performed well, the rest are patently not at the races.

Moving to midfield, I have seen more creativity in an empty crayon box , Shelvey couldn’t mark a blackboard and has difficulty in marking anyone over a five yard radius, Hayden and Longstaff work their socks off but the remainder wander aimlessly around.

We arrive at the the forwards, which to be honest are more difficult to assess as they really are feeding on scrap.

I think you can see the potential of Jolinton and Almiron but to date they are struggling with shoddy service. However, they do still need work on their finishing which has been pretty poor .

Last but not least comes our fantastic superheroes, Charnley and Ashley – shortcomings which you all know so well, no further comments needed.

These two failing to reach agreement with Rafa, which would have allowed continued movement forward, instead of giant backward steps.

What happens next then.

Steve Bruce will last probably at least another five games or more, so subject to results we will eventually at some point move on to another manager/head coach.

So no real change in the immediate foreseeable future and a case of hang onto your seats because it is going to be an ugly ride.

I really hope I’m wrong speak but I fear that by the time of my next update/contribution, the situation is set to be even worse.

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