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Steve Bruce and Newcastle with starring role in report on possession stats in 35 European Leagues

A new report studying 35 European Leagues so far this season, sees Newcastle United figuring highly when it comes to possession.

Or rather, the lack of it.

The report comes from the CIES Football Observatory who looked at the highest/lowest possession figures in games across the 35 European Leagues so far this season.

The report finding that the game at Tottenham saw Newcastle with the seventh lowest possession stats this season in any European league match. However, the NUFC possession was the very lowest when it then came to teams who had won games.

As for the Premier League alone, in the top 10 lowest possession figures this season, Newcastle occupied first (v Tottenham), second (v Liverpool) and ninth (v Brighton) places.

The CIES Football Observatory report:

‘The partnership with the football data company InStat allows the CIES Football Observatory to present exclusive analysis on the technical performance of teams from 35 European competitions.

Issue number 269 of the Weekly Post highlights domestic league matches during which a team had the highest percentage of ball possession (calculated out of effective playing time).

The record figure for current season was measured for Fulham against Millwall on the 21st August: 78.7%.

The loss with the highest possession was recorded for Tottenham against Newcastle: 74.8% on the 25th August (0-1).’

As you can see, not exactly living up to Steve Bruce’s pre-season promise of Newcastle United playing on the front foot attacking football this season.

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