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Small Talk: Petitfee’s Chamomile & Agave Hydrogel Face Masks



There are so many different kinds of masks out there formulated to suit different skin types and provide different benefits. Previously for Small Talk, we’ve reviewed Village 11 Factory’s 2-Step Sheet Masks and Dr. Jart’s Dermask Shaking Rubber Mask. This time around, we’re trying out Petitfee’s Chamomile & Agave Hydrogel Face Masks!

The Agave version is cooling while the Chamomile version brightens skin. Read on to see who’s on Team Agave and who’s on Team Chamomile.

Dianne: Hey Maureen, I saw that you tried Petitfee’s Chamomile & Agave eye masks! I’ve been meaning to try out the hydrogel sheet mask versions. Have you tried those ones yet?

Maureen: I tried the eye masks and they were great! Can’t wait to try the face masks 😍

Zoe: I love hydrogel masks, and my face is like SUPER DRYYYYYY right now 😭

Romy: I’m already obsessed with sheet masks but hydrogel masks are next level! And the colors of the Petitfee Hydrogel Face Masks look so cute!

Dianne: Yes!!! I tried hydrogel facial masks a LONG time ago and tbh I don’t really remember what they feel like!

Zoe: I only remember that it’s hard to make them stay on lol.

Dianne: Let’s get #sheetfaced 😂

Zoe: How was the fit? 

Dianne: It’s crazy! It fits like a second skin lmaooo

Romy: These masks fit perfectly for me as well! I applied the top one first before putting on the bottom one, and I was surprised that it didn’t fall off my face like other hydrogel masks I’ve tried before.

Zoe: Lol how did it fit your face that perfectly? Mine was loose.

Maureen: Mine also hugs perfectly.

Romy: Haha maybe your face is too small for the mask?

Dianne: :O This was the first time a mask fit so perfectly for me! Usually, it falls off to the side or down my chin, or it goes up to my hair!

Maureen: The chin area is a bit small for me, but I have a long chin.

Zoe: Oh my god, I was actually hoping it would be a little bigger. There were gaping holes around my nose and chin. 😂 Usually with face masks, I use the extended areas for my neck too, so they can really deliver a lifting effect.

Dianne: On closer inspection, I noticed that it had a gauze-like material in between the hydrogel. I think that’s what made it easily conform to the shape of the face~

Maureen: Yeah, it doesn’t slip.

Dianne: Did you like the texture of the masks?

Maureen: I sure do. I mean, I love all hydrogel masks.

Dianne: I thought it would be a lot more jelly-like, and that it would feel slimy because of all the essence in the packet.

Zoe: The essence was super silky.

Romy: These masks have such a smooth feel to them, and the essence was just the right amount so it wasn’t messy to put on.

Zoe: I rubbed the essence from the packet all over my body~~~ It literally softened my skin instantly, and it’s non-sticky omg!

Maureen: It also doesn’t drip.

Romy: Plus it doesn’t tear as easily!

Dianne: Exactly! I was surprised at how durable it was considering I’m hella clumsy.

Zoe: It sure feels more premium than regular hydrogel.

Maureen: I just hope they could use less plastic to make it more eco-friendly. Both pieces were layered between plastic sheets. Makes it easier to take them out tho.

Romy: I think that’s so they stay in shape in the packaging? But I agree, they should try to make it more eco-friendly.

Maureen: How long did you guys keep them on?

Dianne: I put them on for around 15 mins and I really felt the essence soak into my skin. Could’ve gone longer tho, the packet says it lasts around 20 mins.

Romy: Same here. I left them on for 15 minutes and there was still plenty of essence left after taking them off.

Zoe: Oops, for the Agave one, I left it on for like 40mins (by accident).

Romy: Wow, did it completely dry out?

Zoe: Surprisingly not lol. The finishing is the same as when I put the Chamomile one on for 20 mins 😂

Romy: How did your skin feel after applying the Agave version?

Zoe: I felt very soothed haha, and my face looked hydrated and plump but not super dewy like it’s supposed to after wearing a sheet mask.

Dianne: Yeah, I agree. With some masks, the essence feels super sticky afterwards and doesn’t dry very quickly. I always feel like the essence dissipates into the air instead of soaking into my skin. BUT for this one, the essence was lightweight and actually moisturized my skin!

Romy: It soothed my skin as well! I had a few blemishes that were super red and angry but after applying the Agave mask, my skin felt soothed and my acne looked less inflamed.

Maureen: I also like how it soothed my skin, especially after a day in the sun. My masks were half-flattened by the time I took them off, so all the moisture went into my skin!

Zoe: I love how with hydrogel masks, they actually shrink after use haha. I also really love the smell and color! Not sure what the scent is actually… reminds me of certain air fresheners in oceany scents XD

Dianne: Oh really? I honestly didn’t think it had a certain fragrance! 😆 I’m not very sensitive to scents and couldn’t really pinpoint what it was~

Maureen: I can’t remember the smell tbh, but is it just me, or do both masks have a minty feel?

Romy: Yeah, I can’t remember the smell either, but I remember they were both pleasant scents XD The Agave one left a slight cooling sensation while I was wearing it, but it felt really nice and not tingly!

Zoe: I find the Agave gave more of a tingling feel when I first tried it, whereas for Chamomile, it was more of a gentle coolness throughout (relieved)

Dianne: The Chamomile defos felt gentler on skin. I didn’t notice my complexion looking much brighter, but it did even out the areas where I got a bit sunburnt.

Romy: I was in total zen mode when I had the Chamomile mask on. It felt soothing and left my skin looking plumper, but it also didn’t leave my skin tone looking brighter.

Maureen: The brightening effect of the chamomile was more obvious when I tried the eye masks ­– they helped brighten my dark circles.

Romy: Perhaps you need to use it long term to really see the brightening effects?

Zoe: Hmm, brightening effect is always so hard to judge. But it sure made my skin glow nicely! Based on the finishing, I feel the masks are more suited to use before putting on makeup.

Romy: They definitely make it easier for you to apply your makeup, but I prefer using it in my nighttime routine.

Dianne: Yeah, I only ever wear sheet masks for my nighttime routine or when I wear particularly heavy makeup.

Zoe: I actually still need to apply a sleeping pack afterwards for my nighttime routine. I love the finishing, but it’s just not quite nourishing enough for my dry skin.

Dianne: Team Agave or Team Chamomile?

Maureen: It’d be Agave for me just coz of the strange blue color XD

Dianne: Same here! Maybe it’s because of the weather, but I love how cooling it is after a long day of boiling under the sun!

Romy: Me too! I love how the Agave one cools my skin, so Agave wins for me! The cute bluish/purplish color is also another reason why I prefer it 💙

Dianne: Totally~ its color is so Insta-worthy!

Zoe: Despite the amazing color of the Agave one, I prefer Chamomile. Chamomile is like a holy grail for sensitive skin 😍 I have to say the slight tingling from the Agave put me off a teeny bit.

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