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One from three to replace Solskjaer; two things this Man Utd side lack

The debate into Manchester United’s latest failing is well under way on our forum with fans split on the future of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, all in the Your Says of the Day.



I’d take any of Pochettino, Rogers or Allegri.



A bit ago this result would have hurt… but it doesn’t. It was expected – predicted it days ago. I can predict the Liverpool game from now: 0-3 loss. Why? Because we are rubbish – top to bottom.

I read that the players flew to Newcastle for the match… FLEW. It’s a 2.5 hour drive and they spent probably around 4 hours total flying when it would have been faster, cheaper and would’ve wasted less energy to drive there. This is what I’m talking about – stupidity top to bottom at the club. Everything the club decides to do is trickled with stupidity and devoid of logic, from coaching to scouting to the direction of the football to the stadium to logistics… absolutely everything.

I’d give anything for the Glazers and Woodward to go… anything. If you offered me 5 years in the Championship if it meant they leave I’d bite your hand off for it right now because there is absolutely no hope while they’re here running the show.

I want to stop caring but I can’t… and it’s killing my happiness. This club has honestly depressed me.

Sympathy for the Devils


We can’t look short term JM. Allegri’s football is horrible mate. He is not what we need long term. He’d be the easiest to get but he’s not the answer for me mate.



As soon as Rojo came on and Ole switched Tuanzebe out to full back leaving that useless Argentinian w*nkstain at centre back I just knew that we would concede a goal. Why he couldn’t just put Rojo to LB, or better still bring Brandon Williams on to play there fuck knows, it only highlights just how clueless and out of his depth Ole truly is.

Having said all that, the lack of closing down by Maguire was a total disgrace, and it’s already looking like he’s caught the infamous Manchester United ‘sh*te virus’ that affects every single player that we ever sign.

What an absolute total shambles we are, every single player other than Tuanzebe stunk the shirt out today. Whether it be that vastly overrated bag of sh*te Rashford, or that useless clown Fred, who probably isn’t even fit to lace Jonjo Shelvey’s boots (he’s that bad), or any of the rest of that pitiful, talentless rabble.



JM he has Pirlo and other quality mate. I’m good mates with an Italian lad here. Diehard Juve fan. Says Allegri is a great man manager but plays horrible football ala Mourinho. He doesn’t speak English either so that would be a big worry. Really feel for Ole but he has totally lost control of that squad. Zero pressing or effort from that bunch of sh*te out there today



I didn’t bother to make a prediction because I was so embarrassed of knowing that we would lose to such a rubbish team.

I think we need to be relegated. I dispise everything about this team at the minute.

I HATE this team. I hate the manager’s lack of expertise, I hate the players, I hate the board, I passionately hate the CEO, and I hate Fred the red. I hate this team so much it makes me sick.

My only hope is that we get relegated from the Premier League and that we can finally face the issues facing this club.



Pochettino’s record worse than Ole’s over last 12 games

@happyhurlingJM – Poch has a worse record over the last 12 games than Ole…

That’s not true.

Last 12 PL games

Spurs (P12, W4, D3, L5), Points 15, Scored 17, Concede 16

Brighton vs Spurs 3 0
Spurs vs Southsampton 2 1
Leicester vs Spurs 2 1
Spurs vs C. Palace 4 0
Arsenal vs Spurs 2 2
Spurs vs Newcastle 0 1
Man City vs Spurs 2 2
Spurs vs Villa 3 1
Spurs vs Everton 2 2
Bournemouth vs Spurs 1 0
Spurs vs Westham 0 1
Spurs vs Brighton 1 0

United (P12, W2, D5, L5), Points 11, Scored 11, Concede 14

Newcastle vs Utd 1 0
Utd vs Arsenal 1 1
Westham vs Utd 2 0
Utd vs Leicester 1 0
Southampton vs Utd 1 1
Utd vs C.Palace 1 2
Wolves vs Utd 1 1
Utd vs Chelsea 4 0
Utd vs Cardiff 0 2
Huddesfield vs Utd 1 1
Utd vs Chelsea 1 1
Utd vs Man City 0 2

theMartial art



Happy, before the game I said JJS wud start for us today as he is better than our midfielders.
Fred is an imposter, a fraud and a woeful footballer. Andy Perreira, is a slow, lazy and average footballer.

Both are sh*te and have proven it over a prolonged period of time. Not just today AGAIN.
Also, please spare me any “but Andy is a young lad” rhetoric too – he is 24 in January and will be the next Lingard. By that I mean, on the books here for a lifetime, adding fuck all to the squad except mediocrity and ineptitude but without people realising he is 26 now….



@redblood – realistically we need the following:


None of the forward line (bar Pogba) are up to scratch. We can’t even rely on the first teamers at the moment to be back-ups because they are that bad.

Sympathy for the Devils




McTominay is ‘extremely limited’

@blacky, McTominay is a really honest pro, hugely willing and certainly gives it his all.
However, he is an extremely limited footballer and only the most one-eyed and myopic of contributors to this forum could argue that he is anything but light years away from the quality we once had, and we once again will need (in the middle of the park) if we are ever serious about competing at the top end again.

That SMcT is now our first choice central midfielder says everything about the dearth of talent we currently have. I do not blame SMcT in any shape or form – his only fault is that he is being selected.
The current regime, presided over by Ed and friends, has left us with a whose who of no-marks, has beens and dont wanbabee’s in the middle of the park. From gold-plated, to fumes, to dysfunction to clapped out.



MacGuffin – can you give us your thoughts on Ole now after you were so delighted with his appointment? Do you think he should stay?

@happyhurling – Didn’t you ask me this question before and I gave you a detailed reply.

Basically I believe all managers should be given a fair crack of the whip, this means time and money to assemble their team and get it playing the way they want. And I dont blame the manager if he can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear the moment he takes the job. This was my reasoning behind my support for Moyes, so if I supported Moyes you can bet your arse I’m not going to change my standpoint for Ole.

Fans are extremely unfair on the manager giving bullsh*t and often contradictory criticisms.

Fans blame Ole for letting Lukaku, Sanchez go without replacement but was that Ole or Ed. Fans overestimate the power of managers in transfer dealings.

Fans criticise team selection but is there any player on the bench who is any better than the player selected eg. some fans screamed for Fred to be played, how did he do against Newcastle.

Fans think team selection and tactic can turn sh*t in gold. It can’t. They blame the managers tactics but come on, does it make that much difference. Yes it makes the difference in a finely balanced game but not against the likes of Newcastle or Rochdale.

Fans scream give youth a chance, and not just a chance but a protracted run of games, and when they do get the chance fans moan if the performance and result suffers. They argue a young player needs time and experience to develop but that argument goes out the window when it comes to a young manager.

Fans knew this would be a tough season and many didn’t have confidence we could beat Newcastle. Then when it happens they moan as if it is was a shock.

I could go on but let me sum it up as regards Ole. I view a young manager like a young player. The club can make (or break them). We like to say we should make players not buy them but suddenly that argument goes out the window for managers, it shouldn’t.

But like with players, you need the right person. You can train, develop and make a player (or manager) great, but he must have the right character and attributes to start with. Ole does.

Fans agree its a sh*t team but when this sh*t team yields sh*t results they scream for the managers head. They have done this for the past 3 managers and are doing it again. I argue we should try something different. Get a man who is made of the right stuff and give him time. And the time given should be proportionate to the squad he inherits and funds he is given.



Mac – yep I agree with all that. But there’s been a few comments saying Ole is completely out of his depth, has no in-game know how or any real tactical nous. He doesn’t seem to be able to affect games.
It’s hard to not get the feeling that some of these criticisms are right.



The problem with Ole is he has no track record to fall back on. His time at Cardiff was a disaster and it’s hard to make anything out of his time at Molde. Obviously the club is a shambles top to bottom right now and its hard to see any manager doing much better with what’s available.

So it’s impossible to know for sure where the problems really lie. Ole seems a lovely fella who says the right things but he looks to have lost that squad. There is no set style of play or any real effort at the moment. His recent record is atrocious. I honestly have no idea how this sh*t even starts to get fixed. Really starting to feel like this is terminal. Not sure any manager or players can fix this any time soon



The problem isn’t quality, we are lacking in quality but there’s young players with potential there, Greenwood, Tuanzebe most notably along with Chong, Gomes and others who may or may not make it. Our major problem is leadership and mentality, Ole alluded to the mentality aspect last night, we’re soft, there’s no two ways about it, we’re soft mentally. We’re lacking that killer instinct, that BITE, that Fergie’s teams all used to have. When signing players in January or next summer, we need to find players who can be leaders, Maguire isn’t one, AWB is too young to step up at the moment and James isn’t one.

We need someone, and I don’t care if we have to spend £200m to get them, who will drag the others along by sheer force of will. I know they’re rare which is why I’d be willing to spend so much to get someone like that. We need a leader on the pitch and I think we also need someone on the coaching staff that the players are a little afraid of, I don’t know if there’s one there at the moment. Oh, and we need to stop passing the ball backwards.



The problem with Ole is he has no track record to fall back on. – @N!xer – Thats not a competency, football or management problem. Its a problem only in silencing critics and keeping his job. Personally I tired of LvG and JM telling us about how great they were at other clubs when both of them had a long hisotry of being fired.

Obviously the club is a shambles top to bottom right now … So it’s impossible to know for sure where the problems really lie. – Its been in a shambles for a long time, the problems are many, complex and hard to identify. If fans cant spot them its perhaps no surprise Ole will need time to sort it out.

There is no set style of play or any real effort at the moment. Screw the established players who have let us down. They are part of the problem and the solution is clear, get rid.

As for the younger players, it has a knock on effect when established players dont perform and results are not going are way. The inevitable result is the younger player focuses more on not making a mistake than making that killer pass. He looks to keep under the radar. Thats a tactic that gave many of the senior players long careers at United,.



Ole has said that Mandzukic wasn’t even his first choice to get in to replace Sanchez and Lukaku. He hasn’t said who that player was as I’d imagine we’ll try to go in for them again and he doesn’t want to inflate the transfer fee, which will already be inflated because it’s us, and we’re up sh*t creek, not even without a paddle, without a canoe, we’re hanging on to an oversized log, floating in the sh*t.

THe board has, for a number of years, according to successive managers, failed time after time to get in the players requested of them. Whether managers have been asking for players who never had any interest in coming is a point to consider but the board/Woodward has to take some of the flack for that. Now, in hindsight, that might be a bad thing as we’d probably have far more deadwood that we currently have but the fact can’t be ignored that the board have failed to deliver on multiple levels for a long time.






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