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Messis football father to be appointed at Aldovisi

Barcelona Also played with Maradona

Aldovisi‘s loss to Racing in the ninth round of fixtures led to the sacking of coach Gustavo Alvarez and Angel Guillermo Hoyos is expected to fill the vacancy.

He played at Real Madrid Castilla, coached Barcelona B and shared a youth-team dressing room with Diego Maradona.

Hoyos began at Banfield in 1979 before embarking around Europe. In 1986 he landed at Boca, where he won his only title as a player in the 1989 Super Cup. After, he moved around Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina until retiring in 1997.

In 2003, he became coach at Barcelona B where he met Lionel Messi. The pair had a great relationship and Messi even called him his ‘football father’.

It was in his playing days that he worked alongside another Argentinian great in Maradona, ahead of the 1979 Youth World Cup in Japan, though Hoyos didn’t make the final list of players as the Albiceleste went on to win.

After coaching Barcelona B, he moved through Greece, Cyprus, Colombia, the United States and Chile.

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