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Gazidis: “A new stadium a foundational step we need to take to lead Calcio into a better future, San Siro is not equipped for what we are going to need”

Ivan Gazidis talking to MilanTV during the presentation of the New Milano Stadium at Politecnico di Milano on September 26, 2019. (

Ivan Gazidis has talked about some of the benefits of building a new stadium and claimed ‘it is a mission possible’.

Milan and Inter had a joint event on Thursday to unveil the two concepts for the New Milano Stadium project and at the end of the hour-long event, Diavolo CEO Ivan Gazidis spoke to MilanTV.

“It’s a mission possible, we believe we’ve set out a vision for the two clubs, a vision for Italian football in the way ahead, and also a vision for the city of Milano. It’s very exciting.

“Stadiums, modern stadiums, are going to be the foundation for the future. The future of football is not 55-year-old men like me, the future of football is the next generation of Milanisti, it’s the next generation of football fans: it’s women, it’s children, it’s people with different physical abilities… we have to find a way that we can have a stadium that will embrace the future.

Populous’ design for the New Milano Stadium. (

“Look, I’m a football fan since I was a little boy and I love San Siro, but it’s not a stadium that is equipped for what we’re going to need, so the vision we’ve laid out is an extraordinary one, an extremely ambitious one and in the end it’s a football vision – it’s a vision about putting Milan back where it belongs, at the top of world football.

“This is a stadium that of course will be the pride of the city, the pride of the clubs, but it will be seen all around the world. This is a mark, this is a statement, a statement of intent, a statement of direction, and a very, very power statement. And people will know that these clubs are coming back to where they belong, which is at the top of world football.

“I look at English football for example in the 1990s, with all the problems: violence, racism, inside the stadiums… what we saw was: as the new stadiums were built in English football, it transformed the Premier League, but it also transformed the environment inside the stadiums, they were respectful environments, women began to come back in, families, children were able to go back in and be safe… football reflects the problems of society but it also leads society: the example of football is so powerful, this is people from all different backgrounds working together for a common goal, understanding each other, working across their differences, it’s tremendously powerful.

“So, I’m absolutely convinced that a new stadium and a new environment is one of the steps, a foundational step, that we need to take to lead Italian football into a better future and that includes not just on the pitch, but also the types of behaviors we see off the pitch.”

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