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Best Finishing Powders That Won’t Dry Your Skin Out This Fall 



No makeup routine is complete without the final step: applying finishing powder. How else will your makeup stay put all day? Dry fall weather doesn’t exactly make things easier as some powders can leave you looking cakey. 

In order to stay fresh and dewy throughout fall and winter, we’ve rounded up some of the best finishing powders that won’t dry your skin out or cling to your dry patches.

For normal skin

If you have normal skin then all you have to worry about is keeping your skin looking radiant after applying layers of makeup. EGLIPS’ Glow Powder Pack has a lightweight formula that not only controls excess sebum but also adds a subtle pearl-like sheen to your complexion. Be ready to flaunt a dewy complexion throughout fall and winter with this finishing powder! And did we mention it’s also cruelty-free? 

For oily skin

Now that summer is long gone, you won’t have to worry about looking slick by midday. But even oily skin types tend to get dry patches when the weather gets cooler, especially when the humidity levels get extremely low.

You can’t go wrong with the No-Sebum Moisture Powder from innisfree. It’s enriched with Jeju minerals, and the Jeju-grown mint helps keep skin refreshed and hydrated, which is exactly what you need during fall. If your T-zone still gets a bit shiny, this finely-milled powder will take care of that. Since the No-Sebum Moisture Powder is super lightweight, you can keep it in your makeup bag for touch-ups throughout the day if needed.

For dry skin

AGATHA’s Hydra Mist Finishing Powder is perfect for those with dry skin. This essence-based finishing powder keeps your skin looking luminous and moisturized, thanks to the water particles formulated into the powder. This finishing powder also helps reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles, and provides a long-lasting finish. Just be sure not to apply too much powder as dry skin is more prone to flaking or dry patches during the colder months. 

For sensitive skin

A great finishing powder for sensitive skin is Heynature’s Easy-Peasy Powder With Erseongcho. Formulated with naturally-derived ingredients, and without artificial fragrances, this gentle powder soothes and keeps skin hydrated all day. Thanks to its blend of botanical extracts, including tea tree, green tea, and erseongcho extracts, the Easy-Peasy Powder also controls excess sebum production and keeps blemishes at bay, making it an ideal powder for acne-prone skin.

Everyone wants their skin to look flawless post-makeup application. So it’s best to apply your finishing powder with a powder brush to help the powder blend effortlessly with your makeup. 

What’s your go-to finishing powder for fall? Did it make it to our list? 

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