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A ‘league table’ of Premier League clubs in trouble – Interesting but agree with Newcastle placing?

Which Premier League clubs are most in trouble?

A ‘league table’ has been published placing in order the clubs currently struggling.

Of course, it is all relative.

They have placed Manchester United at the very top of the 10 Premier League clubs most in crisis.

They are in a bit of a mess but their current crisis sees Man Utd in the last 16 of the League Cup, set to easily qualify from their Europa League group.

They were shocking on Sunday but had seven players ruled out including most of their attacking threat and yet if they had won, Man Utd would have been two points off fourth and four points off second.

Arsenal and Chelsea make this top 10 and yet they are third and fifth in the Premier League. West Ham in eighth but seventh in the crisis table, not sure what they are doing here?

Even Norwich I would question, yes they have only six points but they took a safety first choice in not spending much money in the summer and currently have loads of injuries. They were always going to have a hit and miss attacking approach with a weak defence, after the hammering at the weekend they could easily bounce back after the international break.

I would put Newcastle United easily top, as well as the at the minute problems we have today, this week, this month, this season, NUFC have such deep underlying problems/issues that will never be sorted unless Mike Ashley sells.

Indeed, I would only put three clubs in any crisis table of Premier League clubs.

Second to Newcastle would be Everton.

They have spent so much money and made so many bad managerial choices, yet end up looking clueless in the relegation zone and heading for their next change of manager.

The only other one is Watford, simply because they are rock bottom of the Premier League and finding it difficult/impossible to beat anybody this season. Then if they did go down, they would likely find themselves stripped of the decent players they do have.

Sunderland don’t make the list because of course they are not a Premier League club…or in any way close to being one.

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