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Would Oblak win the Zamora trophy with Real Madrid?

Real Madrid Courtois is under pressure

Chema Rey

Thibaut Courtois won the Zamora trophy during the 2012/13 and 2013/14 seasons. Jan Oblak has taken the prize in each of the last four years. The only goalkeeper to break this duopoly was Claudio Bravo when he won it in 2014/15 with Barcelona.

Therefore, of the last seven goalkeepers to win the Zamora trophy for conceding the fewest goals in LaLiga, six have been playing for Atletico Madrid. Courtois and Oblak have benefitted from a style of play that Diego Simeone has installed at the club.

They are both tall, convincing in the air, without being specialists with their feet. They’ve both entered the elite group of goalkeepers in Europe thanks to Simeone, a coach of order, balance and defensive bravery. The Argentine coach is the author of his goalkeepers’ fame. At the same time, the goalkeepers have been instrumental parts of Simeone‘s successes at Atletico. The Zamora trophies belong to Courtois, Oblak and Simeone. Both goalkeepers are very good, but they owe a lot of their careers to El Cholo.

Being in goal for Atletico isn’t the same as being in goal for Real Madrid. With one, you have to go into a game knowing that you’re going to face lots of shots on goal from forwards who escape the clutches of the defence in front of you. With the other, you know you’re not going to be tested much during the 90 minutes, but when you are, you’ve got to make the difference.

It’s a different story this season, with Real Madrid facing fewer shots on target (15) to Atletico (19) in LaLiga Santander. These numbers weaken Courtois‘ position further and underline his nightmare spell at Real Madrid.

He’s suffering from a crisis of credibility unlike any other goalkeeper on the planet. He’s not making serious errors, but he’s hardly saving anything. Across the Spanish capital, Oblak is continuing to pull of marvellous displays in between the sticks. It makes you wonder: how many goals would Oblak concede if he played for Real Madrid? Would he win the Zamora trophy with Los Blancos?

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