Why England are the most overrated team ever

You have to laugh at the coverage of England.

If you believed the media, they are on a level with the Brazil 1970 team.

Journalists going way over the top about Friday night’s defeat to the Czech Republic.

A 30 year old who moved to the MLS in December on a free transfer from Polish club football, coming off the bench to score the winner against our team of ‘superstars’…

In England, so many people live in a total bubble.

So many people confusing money with quality.

No wonder poor players such as Pickford, Rose and so many others believe the hype.

Just because Harry Maguire was bought for £80m in the summer, doesn’t make him an £80m player, if you know what I mean.

Yes there are loads of great players in the Premier League but the overwhelming majority of them are not from England.

Sterling and Kane are quality players but as for the rest last night, I don’t see great quality, never mind the world class tags you see thrown about so often.

I am not somebody who thinks Jamaal Lascelles should be playing for England but then there again, if that hopeless Keane from Everton actually gets in the team, why shouldn’t the Newcastle captain at least get a chance in the squad?

Most of the England players are run of the mill Premier League players but because they are paid such massive wages and go for big fees, as well as playing aside true quality players in many cases in their club sides, they believe they are far far better than they are in reality.

One of the big headlines last night was that this was the first defeat for England in a qualifier in 10 years. Well little wonder as qualification these days is a joke. England always appear to hit luckier than just about anybody else anyway in their qualification group and with expanded finals these days and the proliferation of tiny countries, particularly with the break up of countries such as the USSR, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and many others, England end up in a group where the toughest competition is small parts of former bigger countries such as the Czech Republic and Kosovo.

The whole qualifying process is a joke these days and the only intention is to have as many meaningless matches as possible to make as much money as possible.

I remember as a kid being gutted when England failed to get to the 1978 World Cup finals.

Their qualifying group was Italy, Finland and Luxembourg.

England won five games out of six including a 2-0 win at Wembley over Italy, had a plus 11 goal difference, yet still didn’t qualify. Only one country went to the finals and Italy also won five games and had a plus 14 goal difference.

Every tournament is the same these days, England win loads of meaningless qualifiers and friendlies then fail once they play anybody of quality in the finals.

Last summer they got to the semis of the World Cup and did well up to a point but carried massive luck with who they played and the only real convincing win against any team of any half-decent quality, was the 2-0 against Sweden.

As well as that win over Sweden, England only beat Tunisia, Panama and needed penalties to beat Colombia. Playing anybody good, they lost twice to Belgium and to Croatia.

Yet they were built up to be real superstars.

Honestly, that Danny Rose is an absolutely hopeless defender.

Compare him to Stuart Pearce…the gulf in quality is frightening.

Pearce played in easily the two best England teams since 1970.

Compare this current lot to Pearce, Parker, Walker, Waddle, Beardsley, Gazza, Barnes and Lineker in 1990.

Or Pearce, Seaman, Adams, Gazza, Shearer, Sheringham, Neville and Les Ferdinand & Robbie Fowler in 1996, the latter pair only squad members!

I also see people going on about how on earth did the Gerrard, Beckham, Lampard, Terry generation not win anything?

Well, they were probably better than this current England team but still massively over-hyped, most of them nowhere near the World Cup team of 1990 and the 1996 Euros.

With so much time given to the England team by the media, particularly due to these very unnecessary international breaks (no club football for two weeks in September, October AND November!), the newspapers and TV have to go over the top in the way they cover England, trying to make them a more interesting story than is the reality.

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