Why Christian Pulisic is not another Alvaro Morata

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I’ve started to see it creep into conversations where people are comparing the mentality of Christian Pulisic to that of Alvaro Morata.

Simply, this is not the case.

Pulisic was seen head in hands and in tears after being substituted midway through the second half for United States eventual 2-0 defeat against Canada, and he didn’t cut a happy figure at all.

However, the comparisons to the attitude of Morata are way off.

The Spaniard would sulk and act like the world was against him. You would often see him looking to put blame on anybody else but himself when things went wrong. At Chelsea, he had a visibly weak mentality.

Pulisic on the other hand, is much younger than Morata, but has a much stronger mentality.

He started pre-season early this summer and has worked hard to start his Chelsea career off right after a big money high pressure move. Frank Lampard has chosen not to use him in recent matches after selecting him for the first few.

If that was Morata, he would cut a defeated figure and sulk. Pulisic has simply got on with it, and when called upon has tried to show what he can do and has come with some important assists.

Not only that, he has spoken maturely in public about the situation and accepted that he does not expect to be an automatic starter and is prepared to work hard for it.

To me, that is not a weak mentality, it’s actually the opposite.

He is a guy who just LOVES to play football, that’s what he’s here for. Being subbed off when his team were in trouble is bound to upset him, and for me that’s good to see and just shows even more what he is about. I’d rather that than a player who didn’t care.

I think his game time will slowly increase at Chelsea now under Lampard as the season goes on and fatigue kicks in, and I think he will start to grab every opportunity and make it impossible for Lampard not to pick him.

I believe THAT is the type of attitude this kid has, not one that wants to blame everybody but himself.

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