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What To Do When Your Mind Feels Completely And Perpetually Overwhelmed

Your mind is probably the most important part of you – it is you, after all. Everything you do in life comes from the top two inches. You’re controlled by your brain, and there’s nothing more powerful than it. You’re probably going to need to take a little care of it then, huh? If your mind can get a little out of control, then everything else is going to be impacted massively. When things go a little wrong upstairs, the remaining aspects of your life might start dropping, too – internally and externally. 

A lot of people suffer from things like catastrophizing and being crazily overwhelmed by things in their life. Some are able to handle things that come at them; others might take a little longer. When someone that isn’t exactly in the right frame of mind begins to feel overwhelmed, they can feel as though nothing will ever go right for them and that everything is a disaster. This is a terrible spot to be in, as you can imagine. 

If you’re currently going through something like this, someone you know is going through it, or you feel as though it may strike you at any time, then you’re probably going to want to know about ways you can deal with it. Now, everyone is different, and we all have completely separate minds with all kinds of different issues, so not everyone will feel the same way about certain methods. What’s perfect for one may not work for someone else at all. For now, however, here are nine pretty simple things you can do to cut out some of the crazy overthinking and feeling of sheer overwhelm.  

Talk To Someone; Open Up 

When things are getting a little too much, you can do a lot worse than simply talking to someone that you can trust. The things that are getting you worked up are most likely exacerbated or improved by other people, so it’s wise to involve them in this situation in one way or another. Speak to a family member or a very close friend at first – choose someone that you know won’t add fuel to the fire; toxic people won’t help you at all. Opening up to someone can help as you’ll feel a weight lifted from your shoulders. They’ll also be able to add a valuable opinion or a piece of advice.  

Lookup Online What You Might Be Going Through

Heading online and self-diagnosing is a bad idea. We’ve all done it before, so we know that it’s wrong, but it’s difficult not to – especially when your head is all over the place. Don’t delve too deeply into the specifics; simply check to see if others have the same kind of thing as you. Check through everything and see if anything matches up. Again – don’t jump to conclusions. 

Treat Yourself

Life isn’t just for working, paying bills, and then heading to sleep. We need to be able to enjoy ourselves during this ride. If you do more nice things, then you’re going to be sounder mentally. Your problems may not go away immediately, but if you’re literally enjoying life a lot more, then your mind is going to be in a much better place. 

Get Out Of The House  

Being caged inside all day does absolutely nothing for your mental health. Some people enjoy their own company, but being indoors for too long can really warp your mind. We’re supposed to be sociable – even those with a bit of social anxiety still need to have people around them. They put terrible criminals into solitary confinement for a reason – it’s horrible! 

Getting out of the house will also fix your mind because you’ll have some fresh air. Breathing in the same stuff every single day isn’t pleasant. 

Seek Expert Help

One of the best things about the human brain is that it’s constantly trying to learn about itself. We’ve managed to take in a lot of information regarding certain aspects of the brain and psychology at this juncture. With all of the info we’ve obtained, we have created lots of different services and organizations that can help people that are suffering. Obviously, you could book an appointment with your local doctor or your local therapist, but we have lots of extra private places you could attend if you feel as though you need something specific or specialist. You could look at the likes of an inpatient depression treatment center if you feel as though you need a little extra care in that specific regard. You could simply attend certain support groups that focus on getting issues handled smoothly as a team.    

Try Some CBD

This isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea (or oil!), but it’s proven to have a positive effect on the mental state of the majority – it also helps some physical aspects such as pain relief, recovery, and acne. CBD oil helps people will the likes of depression and anxiety by calming the mind down a little. When you have nothing but racing thoughts rushing through your mind, all you tend to do is ride parallel looking for solutions – the solutions never come; you just spend hours thinking and thinking, wasting your day away in the process. CBD oil has the ability to slow it all down for a while.  

Steer Clear From Social Media 

Something that has a huge impact on our mindset these days is social media. While it’s a pretty awesome tool for things like business, meeting people, and expressing yourself, it can also provide a lot of negatives for people – especially if they’re already feeling pretty downtrodden or mentally in trouble. 

Most social media platforms are outlets for people to show off their best side. Everyone has difficulties, but they’re not exactly going to exhibit them online for all to see – they’ll strictly post the good things that have happened in their life. If you’re pretty down in life, then watching everyone else have a wonderful time and a wonderful time only can brainwash you into thinking you’ve got it even worse than you actually do. If you veer away from surfing on these platforms, then you can live your own life and quit envying something that is, for the most part, fictional. 

Social media can also put you in situations where you’re left pretty vulnerable. You can ‘meet’ people online that you think are great for you, but, in fact, they’re pretty damaging. There’s nothing quite like real, face-to-face contact with another person. Avoiding social media can stop you from spiraling into a detrimental friendship or relationship online.

Try Occupying Your Mind With Small Tasks 

If your mind is focused on things that are right in front of you, then you’re going to have a hard time thinking about the bad stuff – you’ll be way too busy. The brain is marvelous, but it can only think about a few things as a certain time. Even if you’re around the house and pretty bored, you could try doing some chores. There will also be something for you to do around your home, so you won’t struggle to find a task. 

Exercise A Little

Exercising helps your mind so much. Your body and your mind will be focusing on the pain and soreness that exercising is bringing it, so that’s a good start. You also get a rush of endorphins when you work out, though. As your mind is racing, and you’re worried about anything and everything, you struggle to think clearly. Exercising allows you to clear your mind a little and approach things a lot more positively. 

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