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Wellness Edit with Our Flats Stylist

Christine spends most of her day styling vignettes in the abyss of our web studio — now we know her secret to keeping that infectious, wonderful sparkle!

I’m already a big fan of Davids Natural Toothpaste, so trying this charcoal variety was a no-brainer. It packs the same minty flavor and left my teeth feeling even more clean and fresh than the original. Plus, I can feel good about recycling the metal tube when I’m finished.

Wow! I wasn’t sure what to expect from bio-active mouthwash, but I was blown away by this one. The flavor is bright and herbal. It was incredibly refreshing without the sting of alcohol and felt much gentler and more natural than your average mouthwash.

This delicate loose tea has gorgeous whole ingredients that you can taste and see. I loved sipping on this delicious, calming blend before bed. Bonus — I’ll definitely be reusing the beautiful glass bottle it comes in.

Bar soap is such an easy and simple choice when you’re trying to reduce waste. And this Miracle Bar is not your average facial soap! It felt so luxurious on my face. Gentle and non-drying, it left my skin feeling clean and oh-so-soft. Highly recommend!

I’m always trying to simplify — from my wardrobe to my skincare routine — and this single-ingredient, organic argan oil did the trick. It was gentle enough for even my sensitive and blemish-prone skin. It didn’t clog my pores or feel heavy.

This is such a simple, low-waste way to purify tap water, instead of reaching for a plastic water bottle! It will live on a little longer to help remove impurities my fridge. And, at the end of its life, it will be a great addition to my compost pile, too. 


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