Villarreal vs Atletico Madrid: The Miami soap opera part II

LaLiga RFEF haven’t accept LaLiga’s request

Pablo MorenoMARCA

LaLiga have asked for permission from the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to play the match between Villarreal and Atletico Madrid in Miami on December 6, but the RFEF are standing against such a move.

For the second consecutive season, LaLiga have attempted to move one game to the United States, although they failed to do so last season when they planned to hold the meeting between Girona and Barcelona in Miami.

The feud between the RFEF and LaLiga is set to kick off once more as LaLiga, who have signed a 15-year contract with Relevent to organise one match in Miami per season, released a joint statement with Atletico and Villarreal.

“The players and coaching staff of both teams have been informed and have shown their enthusiasm for being able to take their football to fans in the United States,” it read.

RFEF president Luis Rubiales maintains, however, that it is unfair to play a game in different conditions to the other game between two teams, while he insists that LaLiga will also need permission from FIFA, the American Confederation, the United States Federation and the MLS.

Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid CEO Miguel Angel Gil Marin stressed that LaLiga‘s plan will boost his club’s name as a brand.

Atletico Madrid works every season to expand and promote our brand on all continents, and the dispute of this meeting in the United States would allow us to continue working on that,” he noted.

Villarreal president Fernando Roig added that playing the game in the US will also help LaLiga Santander to increase its popularity.

“Everything that [means] exporting football and Spanish sport is good for everyone and, of course, also for Villarreal,” Roig said.

“This match would be another boost to the internationalisation strategy of LaLiga, which is giving such good results among all the clubs.

“We are confident that this time we can carry out this positive idea for everyone involved, as other leagues like the NFL or the NBA already do it outside of their borders.”

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