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Three Smart Summer Decisions by Chelsea

Chelsea Corner Flag
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The summer started so wrong on so many levels for Chelsea. The club was handed a ban because they did not respect the financial fair-play. Eden Hazard also left the club and joined Real Madrid. In all fairness, it was only a matter a time before Hazard left the club because his departure was speculated by the media years before the actual transfer.

Maurizio Sarri also left, which was a debatable decision since he managed to secure the 3rd spot in the Premier League and he won the Europa League. With all the pressure on their shoulders, the club’s directors were in a tight spot where they couldn’t afford a mistake. Only a couple of online bookies, like Redbet, were placing Chelsea among the favourites to win a trophy.

With that being said, excellent planning and execution were a must. This season will be a bit rocky for the club, there is no doubt about it. A lot of changes happened in a short period so this was expected. So, we would like to take a look at some crucial decisions that were made during the summer and brought Chelsea back to its feet.

Appointing Frank Lampard

Many experts criticized Chelsea’s decision to appoint Lampard as the new manager. It was actually a good idea and here is why. Frank Lampard is a legendary Chelsea player. During his time in the club, he was the top scorer and the player that sacrificed the most on the pitch. In other words, he gave everything he had for the club. 

Frank Lampard

That same state of mind didn’t change now that he is a manager. Chelsea appointed a person that will do everything he can to make things right. Was the decision a bit rushed? Maybe. After all, he had one good season with Derby, but that is just one season. The keyword in his time no is patience. All Chelsea has to do is to give him time to adapt to the game and support his actions.

Selling David Luiz

David Luiz was a big leak to Chelsea’s defence. He had the potential to become one of the greatest defenders in the world, but somehow, he never reached it. Experts were marking him as a “kamikaze player” that can mess a situation at any time. As soon as Lampard got rid of him, a big improvement in the effectiveness of the club’s defence was noted. And to make things even sweeter, Chelsea sold a practically weak player for a nice sum to a rival – Arsenal.

David Luiz
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Promoting Young Talents

Buying the biggest stars in the world always makes things easier. You are getting the players that have already proven themselves to be efficient and effective on the field. But, with Chelsea’s ban and Hazard’s departure, the club was in trouble. Luckily, many young talents like Callum Hudson-Odoi, Mason Mount, and Tammy Abraham have got the chance to shine.

Tammy Abraham
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We would like to point out that Tammy Abraham is Chelsea’s top scorer at the moment and the youngest Chelsea player to score a hat trick.

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