Thomas Parteys other life as co-owner of Alcobendas Sport

Atletico Madrid They play in Spain’s fourth tier

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In addition to being a key player for Atletico Madrid, Thomas Partey is also one of the most high-profile owners in the Tercera Division, Spain’s fourth tier.

Alcobendas Sport, on the verge of disappearance in the summer, now have an exciting future after two representatives of Thomas (Jose Jimenez and Jose Jimenez Junior) and the son’s partner assumed control of the club at the end of July.

“It was their idea,” said Thomas.

“Since they have an agency that brings many players from Africa, I thought it would be good to have a team where they could be managed and where we could train these players for the future.

“The goal for this season has to be that, in addition to avoiding relegation.

“Right now I’m not too involved, the decisions are made by Jose Jimenez Senior,

“I also have to play and I must be more focused on Atletico than here.

“We are there when they need it.”

Although Thomas tries to play down his importance, his presence, his words and his experience make him an irreplaceable piece.

In fact, every time one of the six Ghanaians in the squad has some kind of problem, he’s the one who sets the way for them.

Thomas, after leaving his family without warning to come to Europe for trials, knows what it’s like to be away from home.

“We bring street players who are looking for their future,” Thomas explained.

“The important thing is to be careful with those you bring, because if they belong to a team then they ask you for a fortune that you cannot afford and you get into a lot of trouble.”

Hence, agreements are also made with clubs of the Ghanaian first division, such as Medeama.

“We try to bring those who are under 20 years old, so they can learn and then be first-division level by the age of 25 or 26,” the midfielder explained.

“Everyone wants to come now, so we are seeing what can be done.”

In addition to their footballing education, the players have a Spanish teacher and they are put up with families in Alcorcon.

On the pitch, the goal is to avoid relegation and that task has been placed in the hands of coach Javi Banos.

The goal is to keep growing, but if Alcobendas Sport make it past the first few rounds in the Copa del Rey then there could be a conflict of interest if they were to go so far as to draw Atletico Madrid.

But that wouldn’t be an issue for Thomas.

“On the pitch you’d forget all of that as the shirt you’re wearing is the most important one,” he said.

For now, the focus is on the league, three tiers of Spanish football below the level that the famous owner competes at.

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