The Mystery of the MAC 217 Brush…

You know you’re a MAC girl for life when, while casually strolling around the neighborhood (six feet away from any neighbors, of course), you spy with your little eye a MAC eyeshadow brush from afar.

See that!?

Yeah, we were just taking a walk and, kid you not, I saw what looked like a makeup brush in the middle of the common area in our circle.

My gut told me it was a MAC brush (note the black handle and the shape of the ferrule). Turns out my gut was right.

I screamed, “Hey! It’s a MAC 217!” (As if El Hub or Connor would know what I was talking about).

El Hub yelled back, “DON’T TOUCH IT!”

Of course, I wondered if it was mine, although I have no idea how this would have been possible. I’ve never done my makeup out there before.

It also crossed my mind whether I could have sleep walked in the middle of the night. Maybe to do a brown smoky eye? First of all, it’s an old-school 217 (the one with natural bristles, which is THE BEST one!), and not the newer 217S (synthetic) version. I’ve got a few of the old 217s in my collection (I’m that dedicated).

Also, this one had bristles of a particular shade of brown, like it had been swished and swirled inside brown pans like the MAC staples I usually wear (Saddle and Soft Brown), so IT TOTALLY LOOKED LIKE ONE OF MY BRUSHES.

Pretty sure it wasn’t one of mine, though… I wonder whose it was and how it got there. Who did it belong to? Whomever it was, he or she must be missing it something terrible.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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