The language of Spanish football

LaLiga Referees often victims of colourful language

Football has never been short of its own vocabulary, but the language referees are subjected to is rarely complimentary, with footballers often using expressive terms to insult the officials.

From Diego Costa threatening to “sh** on” and official’s “wh*** mother” to Ousmane Dembele simply branding one as “bad, very bad,” the men in the middle have heard it all.

Back in 1977, Johan Cruyff was sent off for Barcelona for calling a referee a “son of a bitch”.

Diego Costa‘s infamous outburst last season was one of the most descriptive to official Jesus Gil Manzano. Patrick Kluivert referred to a referee as a “bastard”.

Samuel Eto’o went further though, telling a referee that he’d “fall into the p***y that gave birth to you”, while playing for Real Mallorca against Espanyol.

Denilson adapted well to the on-pitch talk at Real Betis, saying “point for a penalty, you are a son of a bitch, point for it”.

Juan Andujar Oliver was never one to take the criticism though, and he’s said that it’s okay for officials to give some aggression back to players.

“We can’t give explanations for everything,” he explained. “We mustn’t laugh on the pitch, it makes an official crazy.

“Some think they are psychologists, but you don’t have to be friendly all the time.”

The Argentinian’s bring a whole new vocabulary with them.

Javier Mascherano said “the shell of your mother” to one referee, while Tata Martino also had his outbursts.

A number of students have passed courses in this field.

Guti once greeted an assistant with the immortal line of “what a face you have”.

Fernando Hierro, though, was more combative. “You have no balls,” he said to the whole officiating team, “all three of you are very bad”.

Playing against Real Madrid for Valencia, Joaquin Sanchez had his own words.

“Look me in the face when I shake your hand, you’re silly, a scoundrel.”

“You are a freak,” said Franco ‘El Mudo [The Mute One]’ Vazquez, breaking from his usual character.

Expectedly, there are always insults related to the digestive system.

“You are crap,” Antoine Griezmann said, while Roberto Carlos simply stated, “you and you are sh**s”.

It’s no surprise that Sergio Ramos has had his own words for officials.

“You are a scoundrel,” he said to Miguel Angel Ayza Gamez, “you have been all f***ing day”.

Former referee Ildefonso Urizar Azpitarte told a funny tale.

“‘Watch out for the dog,’ a player said to me early in a match, but I looked and saw none.

“I spoke to the linesman and said, ‘they’re saying there’s a dog here’.

“At the end of the game I told the player that I didn’t see any dogs and he replied: ‘I’ve never seen a blind man without a dog.'”

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