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The financial costs of Real Madrids Champions League setbacks

Real Madrid They’re not just missing out on points

Pablo GarcaMARCA

Real Madrid’s struggles in the Champions League aren’t only costing them points on the pitch, as the lack of wins is having an effect on their prize money too.

Each win in the 2019/20 group stage is worth 2.7 million euros, while a draw is worth 0.9m euros.

This means that Real Madrid have already given up 4.5m euros in prize money after losing 3-0 to PSG and drawing 2-2 with Club Brugge.

By winning four times and losing twice in last season’s group stages, Real Madrid brought in 10.8m euros in prize money.

They’d need to win all four of their remaining fixtures to surpass that this year, as four wins to round off the group stage would see them finish with 11.7m euros in variable prize money, in addition to the fixed 15.25m euros for making the group stages and the potential 9.5m euros for reaching the last 16.

Last season’s short-lived European adventure was costly too, as Real Madrid only brought in around 35m euros for reaching the last 16 and this was way down on the 88.6m euros of income from their 2017/18 triumph.

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