The confrontation between a Napoli ultra and Lavezzi

Serie A Clashed in Naples


Gennaro De Tommaso, known as Genny La Caronga, and one of the leading Napoli ultras, has recalled an encounter he had with Ezequiel Lavezzi in a nightclub.

De Tommaso, who has been sentenced to 18 years in jail for drug trafficking, told the story of the time he met Lavezzi at a nightclub while the Argentine was at Napoli.

“As the true fan that I am, I didn’t like seeing players going to a place like this,” De Tommaso said in court.

De Tommaso also revealed that former Napoli goalkeeper Nicolas Navarro was with Lavezzi, as well as the leader of one of the Camorra clans, Antonio Lo Russo.

“[Lo Russo] threatened me outside the nightclub, in the main street of Miano, telling me to leave Lavezzi in peace, that he’d entertained us a lot playing football,” he stated.

De Tommaso went on to describe how he met with Lavezzi at Napoli‘s training ground to explain the situation to him.

“Look, if I did it, I did it for you, this nightclub isn’t for you.” De Tommaso recalled what he said to Lavezzi.

“I made him understand the situation and we became friends.”

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