“Thats childhood” – Sead Kolasinacs Instagram snap hits us with a huge dose of nostalgia

Brings back memories, doesn’t it?

If you didn’t have a ball that looked like it had been dragged through every thorn bush in the world and back, then you were missing out.

The battered and beaten ball, which had long since shed it’s Premier League, World Cup or Euros outer layer, was a staple in any growing child’s locker. It was invincible. You could kick it under any car, through any bush, along any surface and into any dog’s mouth and it’d return as playable as ever (if a little battered and bruised).

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Whether it’s because we don’t boot them around in the street anymore like we used to or the general standard of construction has dropped, they just don’t make footballs like they used to. And while that sounds like we’re blinded by nostalgia and harking back to the ‘good old times,’ like your rations-obsessed nan and grandad used to when you were a little overzealous with the bacon and eggs, that’s simply not the case.

Indeed, these days you could be kicking the latest release on a slick all-weather surface and it’ll either be popped or unplayable within the month. Bring back the Adidas Fevernova – make footballs great again.

Sead Kolasinac’s post might have been simple but, oh boy, was it effective…

Ah, we felt that one.

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