Spring Makeup Ideas: Shimmering Shades of Green

urban decay mildew

I call this “the look that almost never was.” Like “the land that time forgot.” LOL. It happened on accident last week while CoyCoy was napping in her fort.

You know how wet leaves seem to look greener and lusher and shinier than usual under a gray spring sky? (Or is that just to me?) I swear, it’s like the color transitions are more obvious. Even in a blade of grass, it’s easy to see where the moss green fades into a dark forest green.

I wanted a similar vibe of wet, green gradients on my lids, so I took out some NARS neutrals, along with a healthy handful of Urban Decay green shadows (they do the most technicolor greens; so does Make Up For Ever), with the intention of doing just my left eye with green, and then a completely different look on the other eye just for fun. Side note: Do you ever do this, too?

urban decay mildew

Look breakdown

Anyway, I liked it enough to keep going, and then this happy makeup accident happened.

urban decay mildew

I’m wearing golden brown and beige mattes in my crease with a sweep of olive green in the lower portion of my crease. On my lids, I’m wearing metallic moss green in the center for a slight “halo” effect, with a darker forest green on the outer corner… That’s also reflected on the lower lash line (see the lighter section in the middle there?). The inner corner has a bright kelly green spotlight/highlight for a purposeful clash of color!

Weirdly enough, sometimes adding more product makes it easier

I’m wearing a lot of different eyeshadows in this look, which is far from the streamlined makeup I’ve mostly been wearing the past few months.

spring green products
There’s a lot, I know.
urban decay mildew
Follow the trail of greens!

You know what I realized, though? If I’m going for a look that’s gradient intensive, it’s actually easier for me to throw everything and the kitchen sink in (a.k.a. more eyeshadows), rather than trying to make it work with, like, just two shades.

I know it sounds counter-intuitive (and maybe it is), but when I’m going for lots of shifts from light areas to dark points, it’s easier for me to make everything look seamless when there are more shades involved.

Think about what you can nix

That does not mean that, just because you do a complicated eye, everything else has to be complicated as well.

Of course you can go wild with everything if you want to, but I think that when you have bright, elaborate eye, it helps to pull back somewhere else on your makeup.

Like here, I’m not wearing anything as a base — no concealer, no foundation, no powder. I’m wearing Elta MD Sunscreen, and that’s it! And it’s exactly how I would wear the skin with eye makeup like this in real life.

I also tried skipping brow pencil and just using a clear brow gel, but it felt like there was something missing…like I needed something to frame the big lashes and the dramatic lower lash line. So, I filled in my brows a little, and it fell into place.

See what you can pare down and edit out!

The clash combo

Speaking of playing, I gotta call out the kelly green inner corner highlight here. I typically don’t to this (would normally go for a warm gold), but I wanted to try a shade of green that would purposefully clash with the moss and olive tones, and I ended up really loving how it turned out. I will definitely wear this “clash combo” again with different colors (maybe purple next!).

To get the color just right, I mixed a kelly green shimmery shadow with a shimmery white (UD Current with Glitch, both from the new Wired palette) on the back of my hand, then used a pencil brush to apply to the inner corners.

urban decay mildew
Same swatches, another angle!

I like how it turned out!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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