Solskjaer’s fate not down to Man Utd’s results; Liverpool pair’s legs questioned

Manchester United fas discuss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s future and Liverpool fans talk about their team’s tendency to concede late goals, all in our forum.



I think it’s irrelevant how much we raise our game against the Scousers. On current evidence, we’re not within an asses roar of them, on our best day we’re not even close to them. The only position where we come close is ‘keeper and right back. Look at the starting XI for each team if everyone’s fit and based on recent selection

DDG – Alisson
Maguire – Van Dijk
Lindelof – Matip
Shaw – Robertson
Pereira/Lingard – Wijnaldum
McTomminay/Matic – Fabinho/Keita
Pogba – Milner/Henderson
James – Mane
Rashford – Firmino
Martial – Salah

You could argue that Pogba in midfield is superior player, and in terms of ability he is, but in terms of consistent top level performances he’s not even close





It’s easy looking on and saying this team is poor. What’s harder is focusing on the actual current problem. It’s not who we ‘have’ available on the pitch and managing the team.

That is clearly not the problem. It’s who we don’t have. Ole has overseen 3 great additions.

He’s not the problem. We still need more players but they have to be as good as the 3 purchases. Herrera, Fellaini, Lukaku and Sanchez are not yet replaced.

We should have signed at least 1 CM and 1 striker in the summer. It’s a real shame but we’re undergoing a HUGE transition period. Patience is needed, lots of it.

theMartial art


We’re all agreed Ole isn’t the problem, he possibly is a problem but he’s not the problem. We’ve had a board overseeing a period of transition for 6 years now, the board is clearly the problem.



Ole was a great appointment at the time to lift the mood post Mourinho but at no point was he qualified to take the reigns full time. Sentiment got the better of the board after his honeymoon period but since then it’s all gone belly up. Had they waited I’m sure they would have taken the dramatic loss of form after the PSG game into account and realized that Ole was not the right man and the players nowhere near good enough.

Building a young team looks great on paper but the lack of quality and leadership around them means that any promising youngster will ultimately fail to make the grade.

As much as I like Ole, I don’t see him turning this around – especially not with these players and definitely not with Woodward and the Glazers in charge. The players we need will NOT be available in January and even if they eventually become available there’s no way that they’ll want to join this shit show. Some posters were frothing at the mouth when I suggested we could sink as low as 8th place…well, at the moment anything above 18th will almost feel like an achievement.



Ole Gunnar Solskjaer TEAMtalk

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer TEAMtalk

Ole’s fate was already signed and sealed before a ball was even kicked this season in my view. Even the completely football ignorant Woodward and the gimps must have realised by the end of last season that Ole was being asked to do a job that was several levels above his potential and pay grade as a manager and that they had made yet another monumental error in rushing to give him the job full time when there was absolutely no need to do so at that time.

What happened in the transfer window only reinforced that view, to leave the squad so short of quality in midfield, on the wing and up front would be criminal if the board involved had 100% faith in the manager and were doing all they could to support him to have the best possible chance of competing for honours. This clearly isn’t the case, and that’s because they knew that he was already a dead man walking.

This will only play out one way in the end, it’s Just a matter of time now, simple as that.



Blacky does talk a load of sh*te most of the time! 😉

But every now and again he comes up with a prediction that, whilst hard to swallow, is absolutely spot on. He was right with Mourinho when he said “there’s no way he can turn it around from here” and whilst i didn’t want to believe it – it was correct.

The prophecy about Ole is probably more obvious but, despite what Macguffin says, Blacky has this one nailed too. It is actually only a matter of time. I don’t want to believe it but, i have to say, there is no way Ole will be presiding over transfers next summer. No way!



How much would you say needs to be spent in the next 2 windows?



@mufc – to challenge the Top Four: 250M NET

to get the squad to an acceptable level where we can, if we play our hearts out, challenge for trophies: 450M NET

to get the squad to the correct level of quality to consistently challenge now and in future: 650M NET

Sympathy for the Devils


@blacky – Would you say the job was above LvG and JM’s pay grade? It’s an impossible task with this team and is therefore above even Jesus Christ’s paygrade.

Ole no doubt explained to the board he wanted to sign “young and hungry” which means cheaper players. That must have been music to their ears after JM and LvG who like big money players. And unlike those 2 charlatans Ole is unlikely to mouth off to the press.

Factors like this may not be in your job qualification criteria for a manager but I’m sure they are in the Glazers.

And the suggestion the club didn’t support Ole in the transfer market because they knew he was a “dead man walking” is ridiculous. Isn’t it possible they didn’t support him because they are tight bastards? They didn’t support JM last summer either.

What are you saying, the board decided instead of firing Ole (who would cost peanuts to fire), getting a new manager they could support in the market and making top 4, they decided to deny Ole funds, wait a season to fire him and miss out on top 4 again?

I think he’ll keep his job if the media and fans dont turn against him for the simple reason he’ll do a Fergie praising the club and won’t moan to the press about spending.



Ole Gunnar Solskjaer TEAMtalk

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer TEAMtalk

Mourinho was sacked for a lot less in terms of performances while Moyes was sacked for similar. I think the writing is on the wall for Ole now, and if the media are feeling (fuelling) it, the fans are feeling it, then the board certainly are. Impossible to say when but after the Liverpool game is when I am betting Ole will be removed from the hot seat.

The reality is that if we lose to Liverpool, in just ten games, we will be 18 points behind the league leaders, potentially 8 points behind fourth place, and anywhere between 13th and 18th in the league. If you are Sir Alex Ferguson, you can be forgiven and trusted to steer the club out of the slump they’re in. I don’t believe you can with Ole, despite any good work he has done for the club behind the scenes.



@Mac – Not going to get into a long debate about it, that’s my take and we’ll see how long it takes to pan out,one way or the other. Already stories about saying that it we lose at Norwich in a few weeks time he will be sacked.

PS The media have already largely turned against him, and the fans are on their way to doing so as well. You also have the club’s sponsors who won’t expect to have their precious brands to be associated with such a shit show with the millions they are putting into the club, simple as that.



Fabinho TEAMtalk

Fabinho TEAMtalk

In ALL comps this season (after 90 mins) we’ve P12, W10, D1 and L1. Scored 28 and Conceded 13 with 3 clean sheets (25% of games).

Let me focus on the ‘conceded’ stat for this thread if I may?

Of those 13 goals conceded 9 (70%) have been scored in the last third of the game.

What is this down too? Number of factors of course. We’re winning matches at that juncture so teams go all or nothing to try and pull one back. Maybe a shift in formation and opposition throwing attackers on? Potentially.

Or is it our ‘protection dips’ in the final third of the game. It’s where I’d put my money on. We seem less compact when out of possession. Fabinho and Gini get ‘leggy’ late on – remember Meireles was the same?

Solution? I liked Klopp’s 4231 switch at Sheffield United which gave us more ‘mass’ so to speak when the home team had possession. It also allowed us to not neglect our attacking game hence Gini’s late strike.

I just feel that a hard worked lead could be blown soon unless we learn to control and see out games with a little more tightness in mid. Now, we have done it in some games (eg. above) but this is our chance, being 8 points clear’ already to get the job done and look more formidable throughout the 90.

Call me a nitpicking twat if you so wish (we’ve amassed 101 points over the last 38 games – bloody hell!) but the porousness in our mid just concerns me a tad.

Am I the only one here? Love to hear your thoughts.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Virgil Van Dijk TEAMtalk

Virgil Van Dijk TEAMtalk

Conceding goals at any time in a match could cost us at any point in the season. We’ve been lucky so far and our game management, while not at its best, has been alright despite the goals we’ve conceded.

Right now a lot of our key players haven’t had a good pre season. That’s the time when fitness especially is worked on the most. They’ve had to get up to speed during the season from a fitness standpoint and at the same time maintain the highest level of performance attainable. It’s no surprise to see a number of our players looking leggy toward the end of games.

As Klopp has said many times, there’s no point looking at an individual defensive error on it’s own because the team as a whole could have made a series of errors leading up to a goal. As the season goes on our match fitness and sharpness will improve and I have no doubt that we’ll be back to our defensive best when that happens and our game management will be back to its best. Also, as well as Adrian has done, Alisson is a different level.

There are some goals where you look at it and think, there’s no chance he could have saved that but the truly world class keepers find a way.




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