Shocking Huesca referee briefing is made public

Huesca Players were warned about Mario Melero Lopez

A documentary about Huesca titled ‘Huesca: Beyond a Dream’ is interesting for a number of reasons, and one of the fascinating details revealed is a briefing the club prepared for its players about referee Mario Melero Lopez.

Ahead of their trip to take on Barcelona at the Camp Nou, a match that ended 8-2 to the Catalan side, information criticising the official was presented to the players on a notice board.

“One of the weakest referees in the division,” the briefing about Melero Lopez started.

“You can’t speak to him.

“He doesn’t allow protests so don’t annoy him.

“He always goes with the big team.

“He really goes with the home team.

“He ends up out of the match if pressured.”

While whoever wrote the briefing surely didn’t expect it to be broadcast in the documentary, this shocking note is now public and likely won’t sit well with the Spanish FA’s refereeing committee.

Huesca, though, are unlikely to come across Melero Lopez again any time soon as he is still refereeing in the top tier while they were relegated.

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