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Share Your Big Day Joy

It’s difficult to imagine getting married without inviting your friends and your family to the reception. Indeed, weddings are a celebration of love and joy. As such, they are best shared with your loved ones, the people who know you best and cherish your happiness. Naturally, when brides and grooms consider who to invite to the ceremony and the reception, they carefully consider who they want to have with them on their big day. But, it can be a good idea also to take the time to prepare something for the people who are going to make your wedding day memorable. Indeed, from parents to close friends, there are some people you simply couldn’t do without. Why not thank them ahead of the reception – before you disappear in a swirl of joy, photos, honeymoon, and love? 

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To mom, the one is with you every step of the way

Every bride knows that there is no stronger love than a mother’s love. Indeed, your mom is going to be every single step of the way with you, helping you to make difficult decisions – starting with the choice of the bridal gown –, to keep a cool head when organizing your suppliers feels like an insurmountable challenge, and to get ready on the morning of your big day. So, why not book a spa appointment for both of you to relax and feel beautifully pampered ahead of the ceremony? Throw an elegant Mother of the Bride robe and the promise of a professional massage, and you can be sure that your mom will be enjoying her special day with you. After all, who doesn’t like a proper girls’ chat to relax? 

To your best friend, the maid of all honors Your bridesmaids play an essential role during the ceremony. However, nobody is going to be managing responsibilities with the same brio and dedication as your maid of honor. Indeed, your maid of honor is the who takes over a lot of the organizational tasks, from throwing an unforgettable hen do to managing some of the last-minute planning with the bridesmaids and your suppliers. She’s got a lot on her plate, and it’s only fair to give her a present that will show your gratitude

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Make it easy for your guests 

Your guests are traveling through the country – some of them across the world – to be there on your big day. While none of them is planning to steal the show, they deserve to feel special too. After all, being a guest is a financial and emotional commitment. You may not have the occasion to thank each of them personally, but you should at least make sure they are always a priority in your preps. A personalized thank you note can go a long way in showing that you care about them. Remember as well to make transport and travel plans as easy as possible for everyone. Arranging a pick-up coach from the airport to their hotel is a nice gesture. 

While your wedding is a celebration of your love, there’s nothing that should stop you from sharing your appreciation of your guests, friends, and relatives during your big day. Indeed, everyone is putting a bit of themselves toward making your day unforgettable, from your mother to your maid of honor. The least you can do is to let them know how much it means to you.

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