Saturday Surfing, April 4, 2020

hello saturday

When was the last time you played hopscotch? — because for the life of me I don’t remember it being this cardiovascularly taxing. Yesterday I introduced Connor Claire to this classic playground game, and after I demonstrated a few rounds, I had to stop to take a breather and contemplate my life choices. LOL!

Was it always this hard? 😂

Now that I think about it, I should figure out a way to turn hopscotch into the latest and greatest fitness craze. Hmm…

On to today’s reading. Short and sweet Saturday Surfing today because, apparently, I need to work on my cardio, so I’m off to run a couple miles on the treadmill!

What are you up to today? Did you know it was Saturday when you got up this morning? All of my days are blurring together…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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