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Sam Fender interviewed by Alan Shearer is a classic “Michael Owen is a Tw.t”

Sam Fender is the latest Geordie hero.

Sadly for Newcastle fans, even the man himself admits to having ‘two left feet’ when it comes to football.

He is though now the holder of a Brit award and a number one album.

Representing Tyneside in the best possible way when it comes to music, though still a massive Newcastle United fan as well.

At 11.15pm tonight, Sam Fender is on BBC 2, interviewed by his hero, Alan Shearer.

It was a surprise interview ahead of a homecoming gig he was doing at the King Street Social Club in North Shields.

Ahead of tonight’s broadcasted interview, the BBC have released a short clip showing what happened when Sam Fender was surprised by Alan Shearer.

Tonight’s interview looks a much watch.

Alan Shearer walking up behind Sam Fender:

“Come on, stop this rubbish man.”

Sam Fender turning  around and seeing who it is:

“What the fu..!

“I was just chatting about you.”

Alan Shearer:

“I hope you were saying good things about me.”

Sam Fender:

“I was just saying Michael Owen is a tw.t!”

Alan Shearer:

“You want to cut that bit.”

Sam Fender:

“I can’t fathom what is going on right now!”

Alan Shearer:

“Was there ever a chance you could have been a footballer?”

Sam Fender:

“Absolutely not, born with two left feet.

“All the Fenders are like football mad and I couldn’t play at all.

“I was that kid at school who got picked last.

(Picking up a black and white guitar)

“I got this guitar six months ago and called it ‘Shearer’, cos it is my black and white Jazzmaster. So now Alan is going to sign it, this is the best day of my life.”

Alan Shearer:

“What a rise it has been, do you have to pinch yourself?”

Sam Fender:

“Alan, three years ago I was on benefits.

“Now I am sat talking to you in the King Street Social Club in North Shields.”

Alan Shearer:

“On the BBC.”

Sam Fender:

“On the TV.”

Alan Shearer:

“With a number one album and a Brit.

“Why do you think there is such a connection between the Geordie and the love of football?”

Sam Fender:

“I think it comes from the fact that we are a resilient town that has had to endure certain hardships, economically.

“Hardships like that makes the people come together, football is like the church for all the people to come together.

“If you go to my grandma and grandad’s house, there are just photos of the entire family in Toon tops.

“You lot are like rock stars man to the people.”

Alan Shearer:

“I’m no different to you, I lived my dream. I was a scruffy little  kid running around in Gosforth and I wanted to be a footballer.

“No different to you and what you are doing now.”

Sam Fender:

“ mad!”

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