Rodrigo saves Thiagos blushes

Sweden vs Spain Replaced the midfielder and scored

Rodrigo running over to celebrate with Thiago and his Spain teammates.
Rodrigo running over to celebrate with Thiago and his Spain teammates.

Football is about seizing opportunities, as shown by Marcus Berg‘s 51st minute strike and why Thiago Alcantara was unable to open the scoring just eight minutes into the match, despite being one-on-one with Sweden goalkeeper Robin Olsen.

Luckily for the 28-year-old, Rodrigo Moreno was able to score a 93rd minute equaliser to salvage a draw for Spain and subsequently secure their place at the 2020 European Championship ahead of schedule.

Thiago was looking to outwit Olsen and performed a skill that the goalkeeper read, yet the midfielder easily could have passed to Gerard Moreno and enabled the Spain debutant to pass into the empty net.

What Rodrigo‘s entrance did, having replaced the Bayern Munich midfielder, was show the difference between him and Thiago. Yes, Rodrigo is a forward and Thiago is a midfielder, but the decisiveness that the Valencia star used to score the equaliser was absent when Thiago could have made life easier for La Roja.

Spain have taken several steps back and as soon as the two strongest nations in the group, aside from Spain, showed a willingness to take the fight to Robert Moreno‘s side, the cracks have appeared.

There is time, but it is going to be a long journey back to the top, or even just an elite level. In the match against Malta in Cadiz next month, Spain should score 12 goals to restore some faith back to the Spanish public.

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