Roberto Carlos own goal

You’re wrong. I may know, or maybe not, but Roberto Carlos screwed up in his interview with Vitor Baia, confirming details that many suspected, but that nobody confirmed due to a basic sense of loyalty.

The Brazilian will always be an icon for Real Madrid for his attacking style, his contagious joy, his immense technical quality and his empathy. Listening to him confess how the coaches fell one after the other for seeking discipline and trying to foster a culture of hard work is sad.

Because some fans will wonder how far that formidable team would have gone if they had trained at seven in the morning, as Camacho requested, or had adapted to the Luxemburgo rule of not drinking either beer or wine, something that appears logical for an elite athlete.

To begin with, perhaps they would have won more games, they wouldn’t have sacked some of those coaches and as a consequence, the president wouldn’t have had to resign with the confession “Maybe I have spoiled the players.”

Roberto Carlos gains nothing but erodes his own legacy by getting into a bright and lazy group, with enough power to get rid of coaches because of their stricter methods.

It also doesn’t do Real Madrid any good, blurring out one of the most sacred teams in fans’ memories. The goal is memorable, as much as his incredible shot in Le Tournoi, yet this time it was in his own goal.

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