Ramon Jesurun: Queiroz met with James and they agreed he would stay in Madrid

Colombia Colombia played without the midfielder

After picking up a minor knock in the weeks prior to the international break, James Rodriguez didn’t join up with the Colombian national team, yet the Colombian Football Federation president Ramon Jesurun has confirmed that the player met with coach Carlos Queiroz and agreed he would stay in the Spanish capital.

James worked on his recovery from a knock throughout the entirety of the international break in order to earn more chances to start under Zinedine Zidane this term.

“It’s a matter of convenience with the player, coach Queiroz met with the player for three to four hours and agreed he would stay in Madrid,” Jesurun explained in an interview with Antena 2.

“There is no problem at all, the relationship between the coaching staff and the players is exceptional.

James Rodriguez will be part of the national team; he can return at any moment, don’t worry about that.”

What is bizarre, though, is how the words of Jesurun contradict with what the coach actually said himself on October 8.

“Some have said that James asked not to come, but that’s not true,” Queiroz explained.

“That never happened to me with a player, the decision is natural and it’s mine.

“The players who are here correspond to the goals we have.”

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