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Puma Unveil Brand New Green Renaissance Kit for Italian National Team

Puma football have unveiled a fresh new green kit for the Italian national team, inspired by the Renaissance period and the invigoration of youth within Roberto Mancini’s squad.

The colour is a nod to the famous ‘Green Shirt’ worn just once by the not-so-aptly named Azzurri back in December 1954 during a 2-0 win over Argentina at the Stadio Olimpico, after which the youth sides adopted the colour, with blue only reserved for the senior side.

But now, as revealed by a press release team’s official website, Puma have decided to bring the unorthodox hue back to the senior side. 

A statement explained: “The kit marks the start of a new era for the national side, as young players continue to rise up within the Azzurri squad – there are twelve players in the latest squad called to Coverciano who are 25 or younger.

“With motifs inspired by Renaissance fabrics and architecture, the kit’s green colour goes back to the famous ‘Green Shirt’ worn just once by Italy in their 2-0 win over Argentina in December 1954, played at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

“Following that match, the National Youth Teams adopted green as the colour of their Home Kit. The Azzurri blue remained as a privilege for those playing in the senior side, a goal to aspire towards for all of those young players in green.”

The new jersey will make its debut showing on October 12th for the Azzurri’s EURO 2020 qualifier against Greece at the same Stadio Olimpico that saw its harbinger worn 65 years before. 

As well as the incredible colour, the kit design also boasts a Renaissance-inspired graphic pattern stitched all-over. The outfit is part of a larger collection based on artworks from the famed era, all designed exclusively for the Italian national side.

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