Prandelli: “Milan did well to rely on Pioli, he is a tailor who finds a way to sew the right dress for his team”

Cesare Prandelli during Napoli-Genoa at Stadio San Paolo on April 7, 2019. (Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images)

Cesare Prandelli has spoken about Stefano Pioli, saying Milan did the right thing by giving him the keys after sacking Marco Giampaolo.

Milan announced that coach Pioli has replaced the sack Giampaolo and signed a contract with the Rossoneri until June 2021 (although il Corriere della Sera and others are reporting that without a Top 6 finish his contract will be dissolved at the end of the current season).

The fans did not like the decision of Milan to get Pioli as they were hoping for a coach of a higher-profile to replace Giampaolo. However, former Italy and Genoa coach Cesare Prandelli, is a fan of the former Inter and Fiorentina boss.

“I too, like Pioli, have been labeled as a Normal One. And I’m proud of it. It means being a serious, balanced and prepared person. And too bad if we don’t have sensational attitudes, if we don’t feed debates with our behavior… we are football coaches, not actors,” Prandelli told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Pioli as a teammate at Juventus? He was a talented young man in the role of the central defender, he also had good feet.

Stefano Pioli during training at Milanello. (

“Do you know what I particularly like about Stefano…? He is a creative tailor. What do I mean by that? He is not a coach tied to a single idea of the game. Like many coaches, he’s also a top-level coach. Pioli has great knowledge of football. This allows him to adapt to the material that is made available to him by the club. Milan did well to rely on Pioli. Why? Because he is quick to find solutions. And therefore even if he enters during the league he can have an immediate impact.

“Why do I think Giampaolo failed? Seeing the Rossoneri team from outside, I developed this theory: Giampaolo loves reasoned-out football whereas at Milan all the players ware instinctive. It’s difficult to find a meeting point. The fact remains that we are talking about a figure that 100 per cent deserves the label of ‘maestro’ of our sport.

Stefano Pioli and Paolo Maldini during training at Milanello. (

“Pioli during his times at Fiorentina? I would like to start with an emphasis that is human and not technical: Stefano was fantastic in managing the tragedy of Davide Astori’s death with his dressing room. And in my ranking of values, the man comes before the professional and the character.

“What struck me about his Fiorentina from a tactical point of view? The idea of using both wingers high and, if necessary, using one more in the center of the field. It happened with Federico Chiesa and could happen with Suso. And then the three-and-a-half man defense. The rotation of the players who made up the department. This too can be something to revive at Milan. But I repeat, Pioli is a tailor who always finds a way to sew the right dress for the team he trains. And of course, he knows how to work with cashmere but also with the simplest fabric.

Cesare Prandelli during Genoa- Milan at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on January 21, 2019. (Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images)

“How do I rate today’s Milan? It is a team that has important interpreters in all roles. Of course, it takes some time to assemble them and find a common identity. But Milan can aspire to high-level objectives. The important thing is not to expect everything and immediately. The club must let Stefano work.

“The presence of two figures like Boban and Maldini should be a guarantee in this sense? For a coach it’s important to be able to dialogue with people who have football skills. Boban and Maldini have those for sure. Then, in football as in life, there may be different opinions. I wish Stefano to have, inside Milan, technical conflicts, that he will certainly succeed in overcoming, confronting the Milan world in the right way.

“What is Pioli’s first technical challenge at Milan? Giving a soul to Milan. The league has just started, nothing is compromised. The Rossoneri team can look up. Without exaggeration, though. I’m happy that after the end of the rapport with Fiorentina, Stefano has now the opportunity to work in a prestigious place. He deserves it.”

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