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Newcastle United fans – Views and opinions plus welcome to Toon City

The Mag was the first publication to give Newcastle United fans the chance to express themselves, the paper version launched in August 1988.

Now 31 years later, it feels like the more things change the more they stay the same.

Not everybody wants to write a long/full article, so we have put together a number of so far unpublished shorter contributions we have received recently, enjoy them below.

If you have anything at all to say about Newcastle United, please send it along, long or short, and it will be considered for publication as either an article or part of a selection of comments/shorter pieces (Please send to [email protected]).

We kick off with thanks to Les Jones who has sent in the photo above from Japan.

Les saying ‘Didn’t know we were twinned with a Japanese town and/or the efforts to to boost our our Asian appeal seem to be working.’

A search on Wikipedia finds:

‘Toon (東温市 Tōon-shi) is a city located in Ehime Prefecture, Japan.

As of May 1, 2017, the city had an estimated population of 33,540, with 14,713 households.

The modern city of Tōon was established on September 21, 2004, from the merger of the towns of Kawauchi and Shigenobu (both from Onsen District).’

Terry Parkinson writes:

Quite simply NUFC is a cash cow.

Firstly, Ashley gets £150m or thereabouts From TV payments providing they finish each season above third bottom, then all the other money making add ons.

That’s why he’s hanging on to it.

All this selling the club malarkey is just a smoke screen, that’s why he’s putting out all this supposed pr, it’s his way of having a good laugh winding up the Geordie public.

Ian Aitken reacting to Isaac Hayden’s red card at Leicester:

Although on reflection the decision was correct…

So going forward, aggressive tackles are not allowed.

So give 50/50 balls to the opposition unless you are a Leicester player tackling Matt Richie.

The significant thing about referees is teams who are seen as relegation candidates get nothing from refs & officials, it is seen year in year out that they in effect decide the teams to focus on.

Mike Brennan also reflecting on last Sunday:

Why bring on Carroll for Joelinton?

Carroll with no service is same as Joelinton with no service.

A sensible move would have been Carroll on, Atsu off and split the Leicester centre backs.

Also, Dubravka is making errors, that’s two goal he could have saved today, give him a rest.

Also, no way Hayden was a red card, he got the ball then the player.

Geordie Magpie says:

I have been a supporter of the Toon for over 58 years.

Sadly, it is time to turn my back on what once was a great Club, which has been completely destroyed by Ashley.

This guy has been a total disaster for NUFC.

How on earth anybody can have any dealings with him is beyond me.

As for Charnley, a total Ashley glove puppet.

Steve Bruce…LOL. Totally out of his depth, has won nothing and is clueless, no ideas on tactics and a disaster waiting to happen.

Whilst a poetry offering from Gary Jackaman:


Our troubles seemed so far away,

Now it looks like we are in the bottom 3 to stay,

Oh I believe in



Oh, we are not half the team we used to be,

The fear of relegation hangs over me,

Why did Rafa have to go?

I don’t know,

In yesterday,


Rafa’s game was such an easy game to play,

Now our players don’t seem to know,

What to do on match day,

I don’t know,

Oh I believe in yesterday,


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