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My current Top 5 Concealers

Concealer is an absolute must for me. Having no thyroid, work, family and blog can lead to a busy schedule. A full nights sleep is a luxury but sure that is what concealer is for!

As I am getting a little older than I would like to admit, the skin underneath my eyes is getting a little bit creppy and lined. I can’t get away with the same concealers that I wore when I was younger. I need a concealer that not only covers the dark circles, but stays in place without settling in my lines and making me look ancient.

To help with your search I have put together my current top 4 concealers. Some you will have heard me talk about before, and others are new to the blog.

Clarins Instant Concealer

This is probably my most recommended product on the blog. The Clarins Instant concealer promises to revive, conceal and smooth the under eye area. It contains some caffeine extracts which helps to stimulate the under eye area and reduce toxins and puffiness while at the same time making the eye area look a little more alert. It really is a little miracle in a tube.

I am someone who needs a concealer that is creamy and not too heavy, so that it doesn’t settle in my fine lines. As the Clarins Instant concealer is water based and infused with aloe vera, it really is beautifully creamy and light on the skin and really lovely to apply. I did find however that it took me a while to get use to the amount of product that was needed, as I normally only apply the tiniest amount of concealer, but to get the true punch from the Instant Concealer, I found that I needed to apply a little more than normal. I also liked to apply a decent amount, as I found that the radiant qualities of the concealer were great as an under eye brightener. The light weight and yet creamy consistency of the concealer meant that it didn’t settle in fine lines, but I do find that I need to set it with a powder to stop it from moving on me throughout the day.

The only down side to this concealer is it only comes in 4 shades. I wear shade 1 and you can buy it for €27 here.

bareMinerals Bare skin complete coverage serum concealer

The bareMinerals bare skin complete coverage serum concealer is a new enough concealer into my life. I have previously tried other bareMinerals concealers and I hadn’t really gotten on with them, so I was sceptical as to whether this would tick all of my boxes but I was pleasantly surprised.

The consistency of this concealer is a lot thinner than what I am normally use to. I find it to be very liquidy but this is a plus for me, as it applies beautifully, it is creamy so it so it doesn’t sit in fine lines, and it gives really excellent coverage. When it comes to this concealer, I honestly can’t fault it at all and have found myself reaching for it more than any of my other concealers at the moment.

I can wear both the shades fair and light but there are 6 shades available . You can buy it for €26 in Debenhams here.

Mac Pro long wear

This is yet another concealer that I have repurchased a number of times. If you want a heavy duty concealer the lasts all day, then Pro Long Wear is the concealer for you. This is my go to for a full on look!

The concealer comes in a small little glass tube with a pump on the top. It is easy to pump out and if you use small little taps on the top of the pump, only small amounts will disperse from the tube at a time, meaning no waste. This concealer gives really good coverage under the eyes. It gets rid of the rotten blue colour from dark circles and more or less hides them completely. I do find I need to set it or it will move and sit in fine lines.

This is not for someone that doesn’t like full coverage but if full coverage is what you’re after you will love this.

You can buy it from ASOS for €21 here.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage

It took me a while to like the Catrice Camouflage. At first I just didn’t get the hype and put it aside but when I came back to it again, I realised the fault lay with my application and not with the concealer itself .

This is a creamy concealer yet, it packs decent punch with coverage. I would say it is a good medium coverage but buildable.  I don’t find it creases but like with most concealers I still set it with a setting powder to stop it sitting in my fine lines.

This one is very inexpensive so worth giving it a try to see if it works out for you. it costs €3.95 and you can buy it here.

It Cosmetics Illuminating Concealer

If it is a full coverage concealer then this is as full coverage as it gets. The IT cosmetics concealers are unreal for blocking out dark circles.

There are two type of concealer. The original and the illuminating. Personally I prefer the illuminating. I am not 100% sure if it is my imagination or not but I find that this is a little more brightening underneath the eyes.

The trick to this concealer is to literally apply a dot! I mean a dot of product! The tiniest amount covers a huge area of skin. I find that if I warm it up with my fingers it spreads easier too. The coverage is incredible but it needs to be set or it will crease. Once you do this, you will be blown away with by how good this is.

You can now get IT cosmetics in Arnotts. A tube is €29 but it will last you donkeys years! You can buy a tube here. 



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