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Miguel Almiron named in squad to potentially face Martin Dubravka and Aleksandar Mitrovic

Miguel Almiron has been named in the latest international squad for Paraguay.

The last international break was only three weeks ago and now the Newcastle players once again head off after the Manchester United game on Sunday.

Before then a third in three months international break in November.

How did we ever get to this? Older fans will remember that back in the day it simply didn’t happen, internationals were usually played midweek and the players involved left their clubs after a game on Saturday and then were back ahead of the following weekend’s league game.

Miguel Almiron got his first ever international goal in September, scoring in a 4-2 win over Jordan in his last game, which was his 23rd appearance for Paraguay.

Good news is that he hasn’t got long flights in this set of internationals, as Paraguay are playing friendlies in Europe.

On Thursday 10 October, Miguel Almiron and teammates face a Serbian team which could include Aleksandar Mitrovic.

Whilst Sunday 13 October sees Paraguay up against Slovakia, with Almiron set to face Martin Dubravka.

Plenty of time then for Miguel Almiron to prepare for the following Newcastle game, as that is six days after (Chelsea away on 19 October) the match against Slovakia.

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