Marquez: Messi got so mad at me that Guardiola had to calm him down

Barcelona The Mexican shared an anecdote

Former Barcelona defender Rafa Marquez has shared a story of how he frustrated Lionel Messi during a training session.

The Mexican revealed that Pep Guardiola even had to intervene in order to calm down the Argentine forward.

“It was a seven on seven game and Leo was on my team,” Marquez told Fox Sports.

“He dribbled past one [player], two, three, turned back, and dribbled past them again.

“He didn’t let the ball go for a second.

“Until a moment that I yelled at him, ‘Leo, let it go!’.

“He got so angry that he started yelling at us and we started arguing, until Pep stopped him and asked him to calm down.

“He went straight to Leo because I had more standing in the team [as I was more experienced while Messi was still a youngster].”

Marquez went on to recall witnessing Messi taking his first steps into professional football.

“We were already hearing about Leo in the dressing room,” he added.

“[We heard that] he was smashing it at Barcelona B and that he was the new [Diego] Maradona.

“It was spectacular to see him grow from so close.”

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