Man Utd should avoid two transfer targets; Liverpool star must be rested

Manchester United fans urge the club to steer clear of trying to sign two reported targets, while Liverpool readers want one star player to be rested at Old Trafford on Sunday – all in Your Says of the Day.

Mario Mandzukic TEAMtalk

Mario Mandzukic TEAMtalk

I think slow as f*** was the description you were searching for killy. Sorry but it’s the wrong way to go. Mandzukic and Rakitic just won’t get us into the top four. We’d be better off rebuilding with young, hungry, athletic talent, and I don’t necessarily mean Rice and Madison, both of whom will be ridiculously expensive. Van de Beek and Havertz are the kind of players we should be aiming for.



I think Mandzukic would fit the counter attacking tactic as he would hold the ball up and pass out wide to Martail, Rashord or James to play them in instead. he certainly hasn’t got the pace to worry anyone.

It’s a case of having to cut your cloth accordingly, so we either wait until the right player becomes available or get someone in to fill the gap. We’d still need another striker in the summer, whoever signs in Jan, as we really don’t have a striker at the moment anyway.

If the choice was to carry on as we are now or sign an older striker like Mandzukic what would be your preference?



If Martial could stay fit I’d put him through the middle and he’d probably get us goals. We still need a striker though, badly. We need character more than anything



No point buying stop gaps unless they’re going to help us achieve something significant, like top four. So the question you have to ask is will Mandzukic and Rakitic get us top four? If the answer is yes, then signing them at a reasonable cost would be justified. Not sure Rakitic’s price in particular would be reasonable though and we maybe end up with another Matic. If they don’t get us top four then they absolutely shouldn’t be signed and we should write off the season and continue to rebuild with the right players.



I’d rather us get relegated than start signings these old f******! It might also finally convince the Glazers to sell up now that they’ve milked the club to extinction.





From what I read this morning: Emerson won’t be risked against Newcastle but he will play against Ajax. Same as Rudiger, he wouldn’t be risked against Newcastle. Christensen is doubtful. We are really unlucky in term of injuries. So I guess my team would be as follows, not too far from what 999 wrote above but I would prefer 3-4-3 as it would suit us against their counter attacks :
My team: Kepa – Azpi,Tomori,Zouma – James,Kanté,Jorginho,Alonso – Mount,Abraham,Willian

CHO would be the first to enter from the bench in case we aren’t able to break their defense.



67, Reece James looked very comfortable in a defensive midfield role in the game I saw him play there for Wigan in fact he was MOM and scored a screamer however if Kovacic is fit I suspect he might be the only change from the Southampton game assuming Kante is rested for the Ajax game.

Subject to Kovacic/others fitness this is the line up I expect to see: Kepa, Azpilicueta, Tomori, Zouma, Alonso; Kovacic, Jorginho, Mount; Willian, Abraham, Hudson-Odoi.

Without we go 3/4/3 which we may well do given how Newcastle are likely to set up which would see James come in at right wing back for Kovacic.

Only thought from Frank might be whether he should play Barkley after his two goals v Bulgaria but selection wise that only really works in the 4/3/3 because I can’t see Mount not starting.

nine nine nine


I doubt we will go 3-4-3, too defensive for a home game against a side that will sit deep.

4-3-3 is our best formation, we need Mount in the middle for some form of creativity which we have lacked since Cesc left.



Hear what you say AMZ but 3/4/3 can be very attacking too offensively James, Mount, Jorginho, Alonso/ Willian,Abraham, Hudson Odoi in forward mode looks pretty attacking to me. All depends on injuries probably and of course the way Frank wants to play but like you I would be happy to see us go 4/3/3. Cheers 9’s

nine nine nine

They have a bunch of players who either would be coming back from injury or would still be injured. I’d go with Adrian as he’s the sharper keeper right now and give Alisson the midweek game to get up to speed before we face the Spuds. This time we have to go for the 3 points. Last season’s game was way too cagey with both sides waiting for something to happen. If we score first I think that would be that. United have been awful playing on the front foot. I’d say 2-0 if we can get the first goal, but knowing them it will probably be 0-0 again.



Many, many, many reasons why this result is never a slam dunk whoever is the form team. Absolutely the same with Everton (as we will find out in March – just watch, they’ll sack Silva the week before that game….but I don’t think he’s long for that job).

First up, it’s a Derby so owt can happen and I mean anything. We went there 5.5 years ago with United expected to win and blow em away (our only win there this decade).

Second, US. We have a nasty habit of ballsing it up when going to grounds like OT and GP as expected winners. For some bizarre reason we bounce in these stadiums and then don’t perform to the levels we should to get the points. Salah in particular must step it up Sunday. He hasn’t scored against United yet and only scored against Everton once (1 goal in 9 games total). You know OGS will put Young on him again so it’s important Trent provides an outlet for him Sunday.

United also, believe it or not, have the best defensive record for fewest chances conceded. Yep, not kidding, so they will sit deep and try and counter us with Martial (guaranteed will be fit) and James (who I like) and put pressure on Trent’s side (my worry….as always).

I don’t give a s*** whether De Gea is out, Maguire is out, Pogba’s out, Stapleton’s out, McIlroy’s out or even bastard Paul Ince it’s United and no matter how bad they are it won’t be worth a jot on Sunday.

Sticking with me 1-1 so there.

Rob Fort Worth TX


No one said you were wrong though.. We already know how they’re going to set up. However, if they can step up for a derby then we sure as hell can too. I don’t care how many chances they’ve conceded, we’ve still conceded less goals than them and scored way more.

I will always take heart from the 4-1 win at Old Trafford 10 years ago. Look on the bright side, even if they do take the 3 points we’re still 5 points clear after 9 games which is something no one would have expected at the start of the season.



Even if we lose, we get the satisfaction of helping them keep a manager that most of their fan base want rid off…over at Redcafe theres some saying there is the silver lining of Ole getting the sack if they lose and some even hoping for us to batter them lol 🙂

On a different note, good to see some players got a rest



Playing on Sunday too I believe so that’s an extra day. Might have an impact on the genk game but Spuds the following week are also on Sunday. This run doesn’t seem so bad timing wise.





I like the look of this McGinn guy from Villa!



I believe Villa wanted some 50m for McGinn in summer – ludicrous to say the least!

Really wish we’d have gone for the loan signing of Ceballos instead of Arsenal – really looks a tidy player!

Midfield has to be the priority in Winter – no doubt about it.


Sympathy for the Devils


I think you should stick to your 532 which I also would not mind as I do think it could work. That back four team is all kinds of wrong, poor choice of formation really don’t know how you came to that just looks like you are making a random formation to fit the players you want. Ceb on the left but not left wing ? its like putting Ozil on the right of a front three which no one likes!

I don’t think Liverpool’s play is possession based they do have more possession because they are usually the better team but there play is based around a high press nicking the ball high up the pitch. City is more possession based although they also try the press but not like Liverpool.



I’m hoping the youngsters and reserves can put together some decent cup runs. I want to see Elliot in particular get some game time at a higher level. The likes of Brewster, Jones, Hoever, Larouci, Van Den Berg and Lewis really need to step up and I think this new coach was brought in to get these guys over the line. Who knows, if our youngsters are good enough in the cups we could very well compete on all fronts with 2 teams available to us. That may just be a pipe dream though. I was really disappointed with how Woodburn’s progression turned out. Personally feel he didn’t get the top level opportunity he should have when he was riding on a high and the loan moves didn’t suit him. Ibe just looked like he stopped pushing for it. Really want to see this next batch come through.



At the time

1] Moyes – Fellaini (bad), Mata (good)

2] LvG – Herrera (neutral), Shaw (good), Rojo (bad), Blind (good), Di Maria (good), Depay (good), Darmian (good), Schneiderlin (good). Schweinsteiger (bad), Martial (good)

3] Mourinho – Bailly (good), Zlatan (bad), Mkhitaryan (good), Pogba (good), Lindelöf (neutral), Lukaku (good), Matić (bad), Sánchez (good), Dalot (neutral), Fred (neutral)


1] Moyes – Fellaini (bad), Mata (good)

2] LvG – Herrera (good), Shaw (good), Rojo (bad), Blind (good), Di Maria (bad), Depay (good), Darmian (bad), Schneiderlin (bad). Schweinsteiger (bad), Martial (good)

3] Mourinho – Bailly (bad), Zlatan (bad), Mkhitaryan (bad), Pogba (good), Lindelöf (good), Lukaku (bad), Matić (bad), Sánchez (bad), Dalot (neutral), Fred (bad)



I know it’s all about opinions, but I have to say when I see someone who came in on a free transfer and scored 28 goals in less than one full season at OT, winning us both the League Cup and the Europa League being described as a “bad” buy it beggars belief. Especially when useless f****** like Lindelof, Shaw, Mata and others are being described as “good”.

I’m willing to bet my house that Ole would give his right knacker to make such a ‘bad’ buy in January to score him all those goals and give him all that leadership, because there’s certainly no other f***** in that dressing room even remotely capable of doing it, simple as that.



Agreed Blacky, our single greatest weakness at the moment is our clear and obvious lack of leadership in the playing squad. I think most of us would give our right knacker to get in someone who can boss the dressing room, put Pogba in his place, and drag up standards in general. Given I’ve three kids and don’t want any more I’d happily donate a knacker for the cause.



Blacky-Hindsight is agreat thing,if only turning back time was possible,apart from AWB& James,not one single f***** currently playing for United shouldnt have been signed.No wonder we are where we are.




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