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Lucas Hernandez: I dont know if my father is still alive or not

Bundesliga Spoke about his upbringing

Miguel Ruiz y EFE

Lucas Hernandez followed in the footsteps of his father Jean-Francois Hernandez by playing for Atletico Madrid, but they currently have no relationship.

Now at Bayern Munich, Hernandez has opened up about his childhood and about his father’s departure.

“We never understood why he left,” the defender said in an interview with DAZN.

“One day my father left and we never knew anything about him again.

“I never tried to contact him.

“When I was younger I thought about where he might be and I’d have liked to know more.

“I’m clear that he left because he didn’t love us and if that was the case then it’s for the best that he left.

“Now 16 or 17 years have passed and we haven’t heard anything about him.

“I don’t know where my father is, what he does or if he’s still alive or not.”

Hernandez also praised his mother and says he owes everything to her.

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