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Life Lessons Going Into Adulthood

When most of us were children, we couldn’t wait to be adults. We dreamed about what we’d do when we were ‘grown up’. And now adulthood is here, we run away from it like it’s an illness we don’t want to catch.

Becoming an adult is a major life event, signified by things like the completion of education, permission to vote, getting a job, getting married, getting your own home, parenthood, and financial self-sufficiency. These markers make up the characteristics of this transition across all communities and societies. It should be an exciting time! The feeling of being out on your own, making your own decisions, and conquering the world… you have your whole life ahead of you. But without a shadow of a doubt, it’s also a time of uncertainty and worries. 

So, if you are making that leap to adulthood right now, here are just a few of the things you need to remember.

#1 Work Hard to Succeed

A college degree will not save you from the need to work hard, often at jobs you will not love. You may have to take up jobs just to keep things going, and keep yourself motivated until you find the ‘perfect job.’ If you want to be successful, you need to work hard, and there are no shortcuts to the top for most of us. These years are a prime time for getting ahead.  You may have to make sacrifices, cut back on your spending, and free time. If you want to make your adulthood smooth and easy, you need to change up your teenage attitude now.

#2 Save, Save, and Save

With adulthood, comes new relationships and for some people, settling down and starting a family. Whether you choose to stay single forever, or you can’t wait to be married, getting into the saving habit pays off. Adulthood means bills – lots of them. So whether it’s saving for a home of your own, a wedding at somewhere like Mint Springs Farm, or you’re simply putting money aside for a rainy day, having some money in the bank will help you achieve your ambitions, stay on a level footing and avoid running into debt. So practice the habit of saving early, and practice it often. 

#3 Avoid Debts

Take on as little debt as possible. Whether you are thinking of taking a loan for your start-up or funding for your children’s schooling, borrow as little as possible and if you do, pay it back as quickly as possible. Debts have a habit of growing and they can ruin relationships and family life. Instead of spending your money on unnecessary and unwanted things, invest it in things which can generate you a return.

There will be a lot of expectations on you when you enter adulthood. While it may be the time to enjoy doing things that you couldn’t do as a child, getting into good habits from early on will stand you in good stead for the years – and the challenges – ahead. 

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