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Korean Diet Tips for Youthful Skin



Sometimes, staying consistent with your skin care routine isn’t enough to keep your skin looking healthy. You also have to factor in your lifestyle and diet. As it turns out, Koreans are already doing an A+ job when it comes to their eating habits. Following a Korean diet means consuming plenty of fermented vegetables, fish and tea that are not only great for your overall health but also beneficial for your skin. 

Check out these healthy Korean foods that you should add to your diet for healthier, younger skin:


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What are the chances of you finding kimchi in a Korean household? Extremely high! Kimchi is a staple Korean dish that’s made of fermented cabbage seasoned with salt, garlic, vinegar and hot chili peppers.  

Kimchi contains healthy bacteria called lactobacillus, which helps your body’s digestion process. Adding kimchi to your diet helps reduce inflammation, boosts your immune system, and shields your body from harmful free radicals. Eating kimchi also slows down aging so you can expect to get that age-defying glow everyone aims for. 


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Makgeolli, pronounced as mahk-oh-lee, is another type of fermented food that is rich in probiotics. Makgeolli is a Korean alcoholic drink, but one that provides health benefits such as increasing your metabolism and easing fatigue.

Makgeolli is a milky rice wine that tastes slightly sweet and tangy. It’s packed with amino acids including lysine and methionine, which help improve your skin’s elasticity. It also contains Vitamin B, which helps brighten your complexion. Just remember to drink it in moderation!


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If you’ve never tried seaweed soup then now’s the time to give it a taste! Miyeok-guk is a Korean seaweed soup that offers plenty of nutrients like omega-3, and is also a great source of calcium. It’s super easy to make; its ingredients include water, dried seaweed, chunks of beef or beef stock, soy sauce, garlic and sesame oil. 

Consuming miyeok-guk is known to nourish the skin and help maintain a natural oil barrier. It also protects your skin from sun damage and slows down signs of premature aging. 


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Koreans love drinking tea. What’s their favorite type of tea? Boricha tea.

Boricha tea, also known as barley tea, is a popular alternative to water in Korean households and is often served after dinner. It’s naturally caffeine-free and is made by brewing barley seeds. It tastes nutty and slightly bitter and does wonders for your digestive system.

This wrinkle-fighting type of tea contains a high amount of antioxidants that improve blood circulation and even help slow down tooth decay. Drink it daily and your skin’s elasticity will improve drastically, making your skin look younger for much longer! 

While following a Korean skin care routine is vital to keeping your skin healthy, following a healthy diet and lifestyle is just as important. If you want your skin to look young and glowy like many Koreans, all you need to do is to feed both your body and skin with many superfoods like the ones mentioned. 

You can even use skin care products that are formulated with some of these foods such as NEOGEN’s Dermalogy Oceanism Essential Feeding Water Cream, which contains seaweed extract, Rainbow Beauty’s SOC 3D Rice Wine Mask and MIZON’s Seaweed Solution Black Mask.  

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