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Kiss The Moon Dream Night Cream For Feet

[productsample] If you’re going, wait, what? A cream for feet that promotes sleep, then you’re doing exactly what I did! But, unless you’re sleeping in an extreme yoga position any olfactory advantage is lost, surely? Well, no. I can’t say exactly that it will lull you in to a deep slumber, but Dream Night Cream is more about the bigger picture.

Kiss The Moon Dream Night Cream For Feet

Think of it as a last thing you do before you open up your book in bed – a kind of ritual that nourishes your feet with chamomile water, shea butter, oils, lavender and bergamot. The scent certainly has that ‘sleep’ smell to it – sometimes I think lavender can smell a bit fusty but it’s a clean aroma here other than the lightly hay-like scent of chamomile – so it could easily be an olfactory signal of bed time or relaxation time. It’s impressively whippy for a foot cream but very hydrating without being sticky.

Kiss The Moon Dream Night Cream For Feet

It’s a very lovely foot cream, particularly if you are on your feet all day and they’re knackered, worth the £26 price tag (although I’ve just spotted that it is on offer for £22 HERE). You don’t need much at all so I can see this lasting for quite some time. I quite like the idea of a night cream for feet – I know most of us apply foot cream overnight for the practicality of it but a lot of foot creams don’t actually signal to use them at night. This one does and then adds in some bed time elements with an appropriate fragrance.


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