Hector Fabio Cruz retracts his criticism of James Rodriguez

Real Madrid Apologised for any offence caused

Hector Fabio Cruz has retracted his recent criticism of Real Madrid star James Rodriguez.

Cruz, who has previously worked as a doctor for the Colombian national team, made strong comments about James during the summer.

“The boy isn’t focused,” Cruz said to Futbolred in August.

“Instead of working for the new season he went to fix his eyebrows and his hair while he should have been working.

“Big teams like Real Madrid expect professionalism, who will be prepared, but this boy has a bad head.”

Cruz has now apologised for his comments and insists that he never meant to offend James.

“I never wanted to say anything negative about James,” Cruz said on social media about his comments.

“If something was offensive, well I’m officially and publicly offering my apologies.”

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