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Hazards day is still to come

Real Madrid Didn’t meet expectations against Club Brugge

Pablo GarcaMARCA

Eden Hazard arrived at Real Madrid as the club’s marquee singing, but he has yet to justify the 100 million euros spent for his signing.

Los Blancos have bet on the Belgian to fill Cristiano Ronaldo‘s boots, but he has yet to produce a performance that led his team to a win.

The Portuguese always appeared when his teammates most needed him, especially in the Champions League, but following his departure he left a void that hasn’t been filled yet.

Real Madrid were 2-0 down against Club Brugge after the interval, yet Hazard didn’t assume the responsibility to step up and lead his team.

He even switched sides with Vinicius, who prefers to play on the left side and cut inside with the ball, as he struggled once again on the right wing.

“I have to improve, I have to be the one who makes the difference,” he said prior the game.

“When I start to score and have good games it will be much easier.”

The Belgian asked for patience, but he will have to convince Real Madrid‘s fans soon or he will run out of time.

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