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Hasenhüttl's Spurs press conference round-up

On team news…

“I think we managed the game on Tuesday very well with the injuries. Only the long-term injured players, like Moussa (Djenepo), are still out.

“So far, we took a few new pictures and there isn’t too much to say at the moment. He is still out.

“We will take a bit more time, we don’t know how long exactly. He has no chance of playing against Tottenham.

“Alex McCarthy has a little bit of a problem with his muscle, but if it’s too much risk to stick him on the bench then we will take another goalkeeper.”

On confidence in the squad…

“Every win is good for the self-confidence of the players. There is no doubt that Tuesday was an intense game with a fantastic atmosphere in the stadium. It’s not easy to play like this.

“When you see your fans celebrating after the game, when everybody was dancing and it was like we had won the cup, but it was the third round.

“You could feel that it was very important, and the players enjoyed it very much. It helps them to create self-confidence and to have a good atmosphere at the moment.

“We are now coming to a really difficult game in the league. To play against Tottenham won’t be easy, and we need to show we can do better than we did against Bournemouth. I am sure that we can make a good performance at the weekend.”

On learning about his players…

“I think in the beginning of such a game, when the opponent is also aggressive, it is difficult to find yourself in such a game.

“When you saw the results yesterday in the Carabao Cup, it was difficult for the Premier League clubs to go through.

“It comes to a moment when you must be clinical, and we were very clinical on Tuesday evening. It gives us a good push for the future now.

On Danny Ings…

“For Danny, as a striker who scored twice, it’s important. But also in possession we had very good spells where we were really calm and finding good positions.

“It’s exactly what we wanted to do to get the game calm for us, and in the second half it was a very good performance from our side.

“The most important thing is that he is fit. You can see him scoring in every session and you can see the goals have given him a little bit of self-confidence.

“The goals were important for him. Goals for a striker are always important and, in his case, he had a lot of injuries at the beginning. It helps massively.”

On being consistent in the Premier League…

“This is not because of a weakness of the team, it’s a good sign of the quality we have in the Premier League.

“No team, except Liverpool and Man City, are that good where they can win games in a row.

“That shows how good and how intense the Premier League is and how difficult it is to take two, three or four wins in a row.

“Every game is tough to play, and you have to have so much right in your game that means you can take three points in these games. The quality of the clubs is so similar, which makes it possible to win.”

On Mauricio Pochettino…

“Last year he wasn’t allowed to sit on the bench, which is maybe the reason why we could take the three points.

“It was an unbelievable game from us. I didn’t know how we could end up winning this game because in the first half they should have been four goals up.

“If you want to take points against such a team then you need to have a nearly perfect performance and even then, you are not sure.

“I think he has done a fantastic job in Tottenham and took them from being a struggling team to Champions League finalists. It’s unbelievable the job he does there.”

On facing Tottenham at the new stadium…

“We don’t look too much on them because I think it’s important for us to concentrate on the qualities that we have. We know that it’s a big challenge, but we like these challenges.

“The last away games were very good, better than the home games to be honest, so we are not scared about this game.

“We like to go there. It’s a new stadium and we have never played there before.

“I’m sure a lot of supporters will follow us and we want to show them a very committed and aggressive Southampton side.”

On Spurs’ poor recent form…

“It’s like a boxer when he is knocked a little bit – they are always more dangerous so pay attention!

“This team with this quality showed it against Crystal Palace, where they lost the game before and were then unbelievable at home.

“It’s never an advantage against a big team if they are struggling, because you always need to be aware of the quality they have.

“We expect the most difficult opponent you can imagine.”

Spurs were humbled by League Two Colchester in the Carabao Cup this week

On comparisons to Man City winning 8-0 after a defeat…

“I hope it won’t be like that! It’s on us, how we believe in our qualities and how we learn to compete in away games against big teams.

“Last season we had a good game against Chelsea in London and then a good game at Manchester United.

“We know how to play against big teams and it isn’t easy. For us, it’s always a good experience.

“We love to show our qualities against the big teams. We aren’t hiding and we love to be active and show our game. Our supporters want this from us.”


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