Gandini: “It won’t be easy for Pioli, the last years have been complex, raising value without results is impossible”

Umberto Gandini speaking during the FFP Europe & Italy Workshop on January 12, 2016. (Photo by Vincenzo Lombardo/Getty Images)

Umberto Gandini has spoken about the situation of Milan, also giving his view on Roma and on the Super League.

Gandini worked at Milan for 23 years during the Silvio Berlusconi was regime, and was also close to returning under Elliott to work alongside CEO Ivan Gazidis.

However, Umberto, who also worked as Roma’s CEO after leaving Milan in 2016, chose to refuse the offer of Elliott, and he is now looking from the side as the Diavolo is struggling to achieve results on the pitch and have just fired Marco Giampaolo for Stefano Pioli.

Gazidis said that Elliott saved Milan from insolvency and relegation Serie D? I’ve been out of the numbers of Milan for a while now, but I think the numbers that were given are a bit off the charts,” Gandini told TMW Radio during ‘Stadio Aperto’. “The Elliott fund is making Milan grow within a certain amount, or at least it is trying. The last years have been complex, the situation was clear enough for blood and tears: obviously the reconstruction is proving more difficult than expected.

“The new path of the Rossoneri? It will not be easy for Pioli, but it seems to be that it’s customary to change coaches during an international break. The Rossoneri management has a lot of faith in the work done on the mercato and is trying to seize the opportunity to straighten out the season right away. The problem of the Rossoneri is competition: there are many teams that will fight for 4th place and surprises cannot be excluded. It will be an interesting league.

Paolo Maldini, Stefano Pioli and Frederic Massara during training at Milanello. (

“The many changes on the bench? The team, and also the management, has changed a lot in the last few years. With Gattuso, Milan had an identity and they marched on the same side as its coach. It’s clear that Giampaolo didn’t find the right keys to achieving results. We’ll see if Pioli will know how to get through to them. He’ll certainly have a chance to show his worth, he has a lot of experience but it’s the players who always go on the pitch – they will have to prove something first.

“Elliott? Milan is not a club like any other, it has the privilege of being able to work with the motions and sentiments of the people. An investment fund may feel a little uncomfortable managing a sports club, but it has made itself felt through short-term investments and solutions that have not always worked. Elliott is certainly determined to do its job, but raising the economic value without results is impossible.

“Roma? I like them, they are a very offensive team that reflect the characteristics of Paulo Fonseca. There are several things that need to be refined, including the defensive phase. The Giallorossi have been incredibly unlucky, the situation is a bit complex but there’s the game and there are many interesting players like Nicolò Zaniolo, Lorenzo Pellegrini and Justin Kluivert. Roma will be able to have their say.

Umberto Gandini on during the UEFA Champions League 2013/14 play-off draw at UEFA headquarters on August 9, 2013 in Nyon, Switzerland. (Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images)
Umberto Gandini on during the UEFA Champions League 2013/14 play-off draw at UEFA headquarters on August 9, 2013 in Nyon, Switzerland. (Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images)

“The Italy national team and the new green jersey? I don’t think that the green jersey should create any particular upheaval. The kit should be honored regardless of the color. Roberto Mancini’s course is excellent and you can see it from the results on the pitch. Several players have forged ahead, the future of our Nazionale is rosy.

“The possibility of a European Super League? I don’t think that it will be done in the end, the need is not felt. The European sporting culture is different from the American cone, which doesn’t see in football the tradition and social importance like it has in Europe. It’s clear that the Champions League, with this formula, risk being a bit stagnant: we are trying to find ideas so that, in 2024, the competition returns to generate revenues like in the past.

“This season’s Champions League? It’s difficult to say who will get to the end, there are so many prepared teams. I don’t know who will win, but the usual suspects will fight for it, there will be no surprises.”

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