Fabregas: It pains me to see Catalonia like this

Ligue 1 Spoke about current protests in his native region

Cesc Fabregas may be plying his trade for Monaco nowadays, but that has not stopped the midfielder from keeping up with the situation currently engulfing Catalonia.

The prison sentences handed out to a series of politicians linked to the pro-independent movement in Catalonia has led to protests and demonstrations in the street, which have turned nasty at night.

“It’s a pity, it pains me to see my homeland like this,” Fabregas said in Monaco‘s pre-match press conference.

“Everyone knows that I was born there.

“Seeing the images of what’s going on and seeing my homeland and people suffer… they’re painful images.”

Despite everything looking bleak in Catalonia at present, the 32-year-old is hoping that a resolution is reached in the near future.

“[I hope that] everything is resolved soon,” Fabregas added.

“It’s a very big injustice. What we’re asking for is being able to sit down and talk; it’s what people do, sit down and talk and argue about the things we’re for and against.”

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