Despite opposition, three votes will decide Clasico venue

Barcelona vs Real Madrid RFEF, LaLiga and an independent adjudicator


Irrespective of the opposition both Barcelona and Real Madrid have to the plans to switch the venue of the first Clasico of the season, they will not be part of the voting committee which is split into three deciding votes.

The outcome will ultimately be decided by the RFEF, LaLiga and an independent adjudicator, with the clubs having next to no say, despite registering their dismay at the plans on Wednesday morning.

The request made by the league to have the venue of the match switched comes in the wake of increased political protests across the Catalan region, sparked by the sentencing of several political prisoners on Monday.

Barcelona and Real Madrid have until Monday to make their case in opposition to the switch of venue, but these will not be not decisive.

Each of the aforementioned three entities will be represented by Carmen Perez (RFEF), Pablo Mayor (LaLiga) and Lucas Osorio (Independent), in the voting terms.

Common sense would suggest that 33 percent of this voting process is already complete with LaLiga having made the request to move the match to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in the first place.

Los Blancos are aware of the potential security risks which come along with the match going ahead at the Camp Nou, but in the interest of maintaining the integrity of the competition, they want the fixture schedule released in June to be adhered to.

Real Madrid believe that if there is such a degree of concern over the venue, the match should be postponed completely.

The final decision will be made on Tuesday October 22, just four days before the match is due to be played, although there is the chance the verdict will come sooner.

A public demonstration is due to take place in the city of Barcelona on October 26, and LaLiga are of the belief that the Real Madrid travelling camp could be a target of both abuse and violence.

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