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Chapter 27: Summer to Fall Makeup Transition



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Transitioning between two seasons means changing up not only your skin care routine but also your makeup. It’s time to take a break from light, sun-kissed makeup looks and time to add more drama into your life with bolder looks.

You don’t have to swap out all of your makeup – just a few tweaks here and there will do. Check out these tips for a seamless summer-to-fall makeup transition: 

Keep a spare foundation 

If you find it hard to stick to one shade of foundation throughout the year (calling all beach bums) then consider keeping a darker shade of foundation for warmer months and a lighter one for colder months.

As your tan slowly starts to fade, you’ll find that the foundation you’ve been reaching for all summer long will begin to look a little too dark for your complexion. To fix this, try mixing a few drops of your summer foundation with a base that you’ll use for fall to even out your skin tone. Once your tan has completely faded, you can move on to a darker shade of foundation that suits your complexion throughout fall and winter.

Besides choosing a foundation based on color, go for one that offers more hydration like eSpoir’s Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow SPF25 PA++.


Go for richer eye shadows

While your summer eye palettes may consist of vivid, shimmery eye shadow colors, your fall palette should be filled with darker, richer shades. Think warm earthy tones or deep plum hues. The Better Than Eyes Music Series from romand has you covered for fall. The palettes come in a range of matte and glitter shades, which are inspired by dried floral hues and designed for fall and winter. Go for the Dry Apple Blossom palette if you’re into warm brown tones, the Dry Buckwheat Flower palette for cool gray tones, and the Dry Cosmos palette for softer tones with a touch of pink. 


To maintain that glow… 

…be sure to keep your favorite highlighters ready for fall! VYVYD studio’s Cheek Flash Highlighters will give you that fresh natural glow that your skin will be dying to have once summer is officially over. These highlighters are formulated with ultra-fine pearl pigments that instantly add color and luminosity to your complexion. 


Ditch the bronzer for blush

One of the downsides of the colder months is that your skin can look duller than usual. For a quick fix, swap out your bronzer for blush. We all want cheeks that look naturally flushed all year round, and MEMEBOX’s I’M MEME I’m Afternoon Tea Blusher Palette can help you achieve this. To add extra warmth to your look, pick from the shades Chai Tea, Rose Tea or Hibiscus Tea. Or better yet, swipe your blush brush across all three shades for a perfect rosy finish. 


Transition your pout

And finally, a lipstick to finish your look! For fall, take a break from your usual coral shades and go for bolder shades. Embrace daring looks with deep reds, berry tones or even cool browns. RUDE’s Attitude Matte Lipstick, particularly in the shade Shrewd, is perfect for fall, but feel free to take your pick from the 24 available shades. These bold lipsticks are long-wearing with a creamy formula that glides on lips effortlessly and leaves you with a satin finish. 

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