Boss Babes: Britta Cox, Founder of AQUIS Hair Care

As a company created by 2 women, we know how crucial it is to commemorate women who are trailblazers in their particular fields. That’s why we’ve begun our Boss Babes series. Monthly we’ll highlight one lady who’s leading the way and is definitely squashing it, in organisation and in life. Here, they’ll respond to questions on everything from how they started out and recommendations they believe every woman needs to understand, plus their beauty routines and how they look after themselves. This month: Britta Cox, founder of AQUIS Hair Care.

For somebody who established a haircare brand name, Britta Cox is remarkably minimalist in taking care of her own hair. Coincidentally, it was her basic wash-and-go routine that in 1990 led her to create AQUIS, a hair-drying towel that actually accelerates drying time and minimizes frizz. The brand name has actually considering that grown to include a line of nourishing haircare solutions. In addition to running AQUIS, Britta has actually ended up being a qualified natural farmer who discovers her zen in nature. Here, she shares her thoughts on management, why bees are important, and her simple good-skin technique.

Inform us a bit about yourself! How did you begin your organisation?

Discovering options to issues and sharing knowings, continues to be my enthusiasm. Once customers shared perfectly through social media that the AQUIS hair towel was not just assisting their hair to dry 50% faster, but also that their hair was less frizzy and simpler to design, we took a deep dive into the science and biology of hair to understand the impacts of water on hair each time we clean it. The knowing has actually been enlightening– how we typically clean our hair is not assisting us get our finest hair. A couple of tweaks to our items and regular, can make all the difference. We introduced the AQUIS Prime Hair Care System in fall of 2018, introducing with Sephora, QVC, and on It’s a gamechanger, supporting hair’s intrinsic strength through the hair wash regimen.

Free hair hack alert: clean your hair at the end of the shower, not the beginning. The less time hair is damp, the more powerful it remains and less hair damage you will see in the shower!

I’m very curious and daring, and get a strange sense of fulfillment from trying to figure things out. I discover it to be my innovative outlet. I was operating in the ski industry and utilizing the first practical materials when I had my “aha” moment that became AQUIS. Thin, light-weight base layers were being worn under ski and outside wear to draw sweat away from your body and keep you comfortable while doing outside activities.

At the time, the only thing available to dry hair was the cotton bath towel. The experience of trying to balance a big heavy towel on your head (which didn’t work and left hair leaking damp) triggered the idea to create a towel designed to dry hair. I knew there was a better service to the struggle every time I cleaned my hair, a service that would offer me and every female I knew a better experience and get us out of the home quicker in the morning. I dealt with the Japanese laboratory that created the technical fibers and efficiency fabrics utilized in outdoor wear, to develop a towel that would dry hair quick, be light-weight so it would remain on and be gentle on hair. AQUIS was established in 1990. 8 years later on I patented the Turban shape with the button/loop closure. Now ladies could dry their hair hands-free, and have the ability to do other things while their hair dried.

What were a few of the

difficulties you faced as a female founder? How did you conquer them? The first challenge was getting the Japanese laboratory to take me seriously. At first, they disregarded my repeated demands to even have a conversation. At the time, all we had was fax and phone, so I was using both to attempt to link with the best person in the right department of a huge Japanese company found in Tokyo. Eventually, they responded as they recognized I was not disappearing silently. 3 years later on, when we offered our millionth towel, they treated me to a first-class journey to their HQ in Tokyo and shared a 2-page spread in their business newsletter on the experience, from their perspective, of working with a girl from California. They came to understand that I had a distinct perspective and persistence, and concerned respect both. This sort of determination is a very common theme throughout my journey; it is what make or breaks you being able to make things occur. You know what you can do. Do not let others deter or hold you back. Keep going!

What was your most significant achievement, the one you are most happy with?

I’m most pleased with how much delight individuals get from our items and what a difference it makes to their lives. I am moved by all the remarks and letters we obtain from people revealing what the towel and hair care system indicates to their every day lives; it makes all the effort and sacrifices worth it!

Are there any specific minutes that stand apart as a defining moment for you?

Personally, there are a lot of minutes for many years, that culminate to make you who you are and affect your journey. One year out of college, in 1984, an unique opportunity that I assisted to create, brought a group of us to Shenzhen, China to do a joint-venture handle the post-Mao federal government, leveraging Foreign Joint Ventures to expand financially. Living there for 6 months, belonging of such modification, and interacting with individuals and cultures that were so various helped to offer me the confidence to not only be comfortable, but to prosper in unfamiliar territories and create opportunities.

On the professional side, when the market started to describe AQUIS as “renowned”, I felt a substantial sense of achievement. I do not have children, AQUIS has actually been my kid, so this reference made me seem like a proud mama!

I was very honored when Poosh reached out to do a partnership last April, due to the fact that Kourtney [Kardashian] enjoyed her turban so much! The 2-layer leopard turban is so enjoyable!

Why do you believe it’s crucial for more women to start their own organisation?

If there were more equal participation by women in leadership roles, I believe society and humankind would be better off. We need more females leaders throughout all sectors of our society to bring more of a balance of compassion and comprehending to the critical decisions that form our extremely existence.

to unwind? Hang out in nature, breathe, move. Hiking in the hills alone and letting my mind wander is incredibly revitalizing for me. It’s when my best thoughts come.

Britta dealing with her factory team in Japan What do you do

Finest skincare advice you’ve ever received?

Sleep on your back and let gravity work for you overnight. Another thing [that] I discover makes a huge distinction is sleeping with the windows wide open, so you can get nice fresh airflow.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My mother has always motivated me. She simply turned 78 and continues to have endless energy, a can-do attitude and be enjoyable. She never ever puts restrictions on herself or us. I value that she offered me a remarkable quantity of freedom at a young age and let me do things that most parents would have been too afraid to have actually permitted, in fear their kid would get harmed.

My mommy let us ride our horses into the hills for a couple of days at a time when I was 11 years old. We had a fort up there and felt fully capable of taking care of ourselves and sleeping in the wild. It taught me to control my worry. I might let the sound in the bushes or an animal in the distance scare me, or I could be positive that they didn’t wish to harm me and that everything would be alright. This experience offered me the confidence to put myself into scenarios that would normally feel unpleasant and to be able to discover a solid location to stand on.

Professionally, I’m inspired by individuals who offer something with a distinct perspective, who are genuine and make a significant difference to individuals’s lives. Typically taking that position is the harder path, which is why I respect, admire, and am motivated by it. Today, I am commemorating that Ruth Bader Ginsberg was released from the hospital on Wednesday and able to go house. She is 87 and our country would be really susceptible without her. We require more ladies leaders who can make change for the excellent.

What is something unexpected individuals might not understand about you?

Please, anybody who wishes to keep bees, do not purchase them online! Get them from a local beekeeper rather. We should support the regional native bees so they can grow in their regional habitat. Monocropping, absence of natural habitats, and the intro of various bees has brought significant pressures on them. Without bees, the majority of our food supply would be non-existent. And I’ve witnessed, extensive locations in China where fruit orchards can not pollenate themselves and individuals are literally climbing up into trees to brush pollen on each and every flower. Honestly, that frightens me more than COVID-19. If our food supply ends up being threatened, that would set off a series of problems that might more destructive than anything we’ve yet experienced.

I’ve been a certified natural gardener for practically 14 years and I keep bees. I believe nature is best and take pleasure in discovering from it and doing what I can to support it, which is progressively more crucial as she has a hard time from human intervention.

For someone who founded a haircare brand name, Britta Cox is surprisingly minimalist in taking care of her own hair. At the time, the only thing offered to dry hair was the cotton bath towel. I understood there was a much better service to the struggle every time I washed my hair, an option that would provide me and every woman I knew a better experience and get us out of the house quicker in the morning. Once customers shared perfectly through social media that the AQUIS hair towel was not only helping their hair to dry 50% faster, however likewise that their hair was less frizzy and simpler to design, we took a deep dive into the science and biology of hair to understand the results of water on hair every time we wash it. The learning has been informing– how we typically clean our hair is not helping us get our best hair.

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