Beat Monday Blues with YesStyle’s #maskmonday Sets!



What was the first K-Beauty product you ever tried? Perhaps it was a cleanser or a cream, but I bet many will say “sheet mask.” Sheet masks are a great introduction to Korean beauty, not only because they’re easy to use and affordable, but also because they come in a huge variety of designs, ingredients and functions. There’s sure to be one that suits you!

If you can’t decide what masks to try, fret not – YesStyle’s newly launched #maskmonday sets have them sorted out for you. Curated by YesStyle, each set includes seven different sheet masks targeting different skin concerns. All sets come in a clear PVC zipper pouch emblazoned with a cute character designed by YesStyle. The sets are available in three versions:

Moisture Set
Curated for dehydrated skin, this set offers a brightening mask, a revitalizing mask, a pore care mask, a nourishing mask and three other special picks. Key ingredients in this set include hyaluronic acid, ginseng, beta glucan and ceramide. The pouch is decorated with a pink peach.

Trouble Set
Curated for troubled skin, this set includes a purifying mask, a blemish-treating mask, a pore care mask, a hydrating mask and three other masks. You’ll find ingredients like green tea, centella, BHA, mud and clay in this set. The pouch is decorated with a blue dinosaur.

Variety Set
Curated for those who’d like to try out different types of masks, this set includes a two-step mask, a snail mask, an anti-aging mask, a purifying mask and three other masks. Expect ingredients like banana, honey, kale and snail mucin! The pouch is decorated with a green cactus.

These sets are perfect:
1. As a gift
2. For masking once a week as basic care
3. For a whole week of masking as intensive treatment
4. Before special occasions
5. For treating yourself whenever you need a boost
6. For travel
7. For selfies
8. For mask sessions with your bffs

So, what masks will you be getting? Rest assured, they’ll all be pleasant surprises. Plus, you can reuse the pouch to store cosmetics or stationery!

*Images shown are for illustrative purposes only.

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